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The ultimate retirement wish list

23rd September 2015

Retirement is a milestone which many of us look forward to in later life; we can finally spend our days exactly as we please! It can often be quite surprising just how much more spare time you will have, which is why we suggest planning a list of events to look forward to, as well as things you wish to achieve.

Here, we’ve put together what we think makes the ultimate retirement wish list, which you can print off and use or amend as you wish.


1 - Visit somewhere you’ve always wanted to travel, whether that’s a location on your doorstep or a faraway place

2 - Adopt a pet to keep you company and gain a loyal companion for years to come

3 - Organise a family or friends reunion to spend quality time with those you love

4 - Carry out home improvements you’ve always wanted to do, such as adding a stairlift or walk-in shower or bath

5 - Raise money for a good cause.

6 - Learn a new hobby such as a foreign language with Babbel, or find more suggestions here

Babbel’s resident language expert, Matthew Youlden said: “You’re never too old to learn a new language. It’s true that children often pick things up more naturally than adults, but once you have some life experience behind you, you have a distinct advantage of your own – you’ve learned how to learn. What’s more, the cognitive benefits of picking up a language later in life are well established, and it only takes ten or fifteen minutes each day to make real progress.”

7 - Write a book, with the help of a service such as Writer’s Workshop, or create an album of memories and photographs

Writer’s Workshop said: “We work with aspiring writers to help them get their work to a publishable level though our editorial critique service, online courses and events. Many people find that in retirement they finally have the time to write the book they have always wanted to. It may be a blockbusting thriller that is mainstream or a self-published memoir for their family, and we can help them ensure it is a great read.”

8 - Do something that scares you

9 - Start a blog about your interests, or simply teach yourself to use the internet

10 - Sign up to give blood

11 - Quit a bad habit such as smoking

12 - Get into shape by joining an exercise class or taking up a sport such as those mentioned in this article

13 - Pay off your debts

14 - Renew your wedding vows

15 - Trace your family history

If you would like a printable version of this wish list, so you can begin to check them off yourself, click here. Or, instead, use the embed code below to share the infographic on your own site.

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