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Mobility News

Interactive Map: Around the world in accessible attractions

4th October 2016

There is no better feeling than planning a holiday. But if you have mobility difficulties, there are extra things for you to consider, such as the accessibility of attractions.

5 ways older people can keep active in winter months

4th October 2016

Keeping active in the winter months during later life can become tricky for some, especially those with aches, pains and illnesses. Although it is essential to keep warm throughout the year, during winter it is crucial to keep as insulated and wrapped up as possible.

Setting up Facebook for older people

28th September 2016

Social media can provide a perfect platform for older people to connect with friends and family, as well as finding new ways to enjoy later life. We have created a simple Facebook guide for individuals who would like to join in and start connecting with people far and wide from the comfort of your rise and recline chairs.

Medical research study targets older residents in Luton

13th September 2016

A European health study has focused its research on older people living in Luton, Bedfordshire.

How social media is benefiting the health of older users

7th September 2016

As online social platforms have become the go-to form of communication between younger generations, there has been a steady increase in the amount of older people using social media in a bid to carry on living a healthy and sociable life.

Five of the best online book clubs for older people

31st August 2016

Books can mean different things to different people, whether you are a seasoned book buyer who follows all the up-and-coming releases, or pick up a book every now and then to escape to a different world.

How to prevent cold callers

17th August 2016

Cold calling has increasingly become a problem over the years, with more bogus companies and callers causing stress, anxiety and worry for older people. It is often hard to sort the good from the bad and older people are increasingly falling into the cold caller trap which can lead to many being robbed of money and valuable possessions without conscious thought.

Older homeowners consider pension funding options

16th August 2016

A survey has revealed that older homeowners would only consider using their home as a source to fund their pension as a last resort, or not at all.