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Mobility News

Cabbies become medical couriers

23rd May 2017

Many people are concerned by the ever soaring number of hospital admissions, especially considering the strain NHS hospitals are already under.

Fashion Forwards After Fifty

22nd May 2017

Fashion has long paraded stream after stream of young, nubile and gangly teens along the runway, sporting some of the most extraordinary clothing, but the fashion industry has long understood that it strays into the realm of fantasy and wish fulfilment for many. While high couture may inspire our daily looks in a tenuous manners, many do not feel inspired by the models who are walking the items down the runway. Now however fashion has cast its net wider.

Retirement Bucket List

19th May 2017

Though many people look forward to retirement, the oodles of time and unstructured aspect of the days, often mean people find themselves at a loss once they do retire. Unsure what to do without regimented weeks and the usual routine, some people find themselves setting goals to achieve. Instead of being bored, follow the bucket list that has been compiled of the most popular things people wish to do in their retirement, from dream holidays to mastering a skill they have always wished to possess. These can be done at any stage of retirement, whether you are only just retired and are at a loss, or if you have been retired a while and are looking for something to keep you busy.

The UK’s best walks for older people

18th May 2017

National Walking Month takes place in May and to celebrate the event here are a list of walks across the UK that are great for older people

Accessible packaging is the future

16th May 2017

Packaging has often defined the marketing campaign of any product, displaying brand and use. It is also used for attracting the attention of the identified demographic the item is targeted towards and reflecting the brand ethos. Recently this has been coupled with more innovative uses and greener ideals, reducing the amount of packaging or using recycled materials, or even having a second use once the initial product is finished (such as wine boxes that turn into bird houses).

Specialist wards to open for the elderly

12th May 2017

A number of new specialist wards have been designed to care for elderly people and are set to be unveiled in the UK over the summer.

Schools start intergenerational projects

10th May 2017

A number of schools are using intergenerational projects as a way to help build better relationships between the young and the old.

Make your garden more mobile and manageable this summer

28th April 2017

British summers are chock full of traditions, whether it is strawberries and cream, Pimms or barbecuing in the rain, you would struggle to remove a Brit from any patch of greenery between May and September. Our attachment to our gardens has not always been for vanity either, with a suitably mild climate a well-kept vegetable patch was often the difference between life and death, while the manor houses that dot the country used their lands not only for hunting and hawking, but as an expression of their fashion and wealth.