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Mobility News

Britain’s Most Accessible Gardens

28th March 2017

At this time of year we are all eager to get outside and make the most of the early spring sunshine, however that is difficult to do if you suffer from mobility issues. Often paths are still muddy, rivers are swollen or the facilities are not adapted with accessibility in mind. This is often disappointing as the elderly with stairlifts and other mobility accessories often gain the most from such outings.

Life-changing technology for the elderly

28th March 2017

This guide takes you through the different technologies that have changed the life of elderly people and others that are in the pipeline to be released

Are pensioners living in hazardous housing?

27th March 2017

There are concerns that the elderly residents in Camden may be living in unsuitable council properties that are not adapted to their mobility needs. Dr Bromilow, a GP in the area, has spoken out at a Town Hall inquiry about his first-hand experience with patients who are frail or bed-bound and are unable to leave their homes except in the greatest of emergencies.

Kuala Lumpur bids to be 75% accessible in 10 years

24th March 2017

In a bid to appeal to a wider market and increase its rating as an accessible tourist destination, Kuala Lumpur intends for almost all of its public spaces to be inclusive to visitors and locals alike. Though this does not include residential areas that are regarded as private property, it shows a positive attitude to inclusivity that may extend to residential areas in the future.

Bathroom Trends for 2017

23rd March 2017

When you are considering remodelling your bathroom with accessibility in mind, it is worth looking at the trends that will define 2017. While you may not feel the need to indulge in one trend completely, incorporating elements of one or several trends can raise your overall look to have a much more fresh and modern feel.

Most Accessible European Cities

22nd March 2017

Though the main holiday of the year is often planned by now, we all want to try and squeeze in another quick trip to either round off the summer, or break up the months of waiting. A trip to a European city is always a perfect blend of good weather, culture, dining and history. However, some of us often have to compromise when it comes to accessibility.

Australia launches national program to keep elderly fit and active

20th March 2017

A national program called Move for Life is aiming to keep Australia’s elderly fit and active through gymnastics.

Research reveals elderly drivers are not dangerous

17th March 2017

Research has revealed elderly drivers are safer on the UK’s roads than a lot of other age groups.