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Mobility News

Best destinations for older holidaymakers

21st June 2016

Discover the services you can use when planning your adventure in our guide to the best destinations for older holidaymakers.

Mortgage borrowing age limit rises to 80

8th June 2016

Two of the UK’s biggest mortgage lenders have raised the age limit for those wanting to borrow towards a mortgage in their later years.

Interactive guide for the best strength exercises

8th June 2016

Maintaining optimum overall body strength is an important factor throughout an individual’s life, however it is even more important in later life.

Carers Week recognises the vital job of caregivers in the UK

8th June 2016

This month, the national Carers Week campaign seeks to raise awareness for the important work that caregivers up and down the country do to help older people and those who need support.

Where can you find information for older people?

26th May 2016

From finding out about helpful local organisations to community hobby groups, to looking up how we go about comparing stairlifts to make moving around the home easier, it’s important that we know what’s available and where to find relevant information for older people.

Company set to help elderly holidaymakers with adapted accommodation

10th May 2016

A startup company hopes to make travel accommodation more accommodating for those with reduced mobility and the elderly.

Access for everyone on organised walks in Lincolnshire

9th May 2016

From May 21st until June 5th a series of short, long and gentle walks will inspire young and old to take a stroll through the attractive Lincolnshire Wolds. This year, event organisers are keen to encourage those less confident walking with special walks devised for those with dementia or reduced mobility.

Caring for the elderly far from home

29th April 2016

When you can’t always be there in person, find out what you can do to help them receive the attention they need in our guide to caring for the elderly far from home.