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Mobility News

Airports follow Dublin’s lead in accessibility

31st January 2017

Dublin airport has made enormous headway that has finally been recognised in the world of accessibility. Last year, the international airport received the inaugural Accessible Airport Award at ACI Europe’s Best Airport Awards held in Athens last June. Dublin was also shortlisted in the Best Large Airport category, but lost out to Heathrow.

How to stay safe on the internet

30th January 2017

The modern world revolves around the internet, but it is vitally important to stay safe online. Follow our guide with expert advice on emails, banking and more.

Glasgow bids to build accessible housing

29th December 2016

As Scotland attempts to overcome their social housing crisis, they manage to combine innovation and accessible design in their new homes, perfect for mobility issues.

How to keep warm this winter

21st December 2016

With the temperatures dropping, there is an increased risk of flu and respiratory problems, so it is important to follow our guide on keeping warm this winter.

The scariest stairs in the world

21st December 2016

In your home you can easily fit a stair lift to help get you around the house, but check out these places around the world that definitely need one installed.

Top streaming services for the elderly

28th November 2016

The world of TV and movie streaming services has come alive and here we take you through the very best services you can watch at home or on the go.

Homemade decorations you can do to make your Christmas extra special

25th November 2016

With the festive season fast approaching, we are all looking forward to putting up our Christmas decorations. Nothing is more magical than glitter and fake snow, especially for children at this time of year. With this in mind we have found some crafty ideas to create in the run up to yule that you and the younger generations can enjoy making together. It is important to keep minds and fingers mobile, and 5 tips to boost your mood proves that keeping busy creates a better outlook on life, for any individual.

The benefits of music for older people

14th November 2016

Music, one of the world’s most interacted-with arts, has been proven to be more beneficial for older people than previously thought. Whether it be listening to the smooth, soft tones of Jazz or winding down with classical notes from the comfort of riser recliner chairs, music can improve the quality of life of older people in numerous ways.