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Mobility News

Useful apps and websites for older people

26th June 2017

Discover useful apps and websites designed to help older people with daily tasks in this helpful guide.

Ex-Military hope to be the first disabled driving team to enter Le Mans

23rd June 2017

Le Mans is synonymous with racing elite and the crème de la crème of motorsports, and nothing less would do for the aspiring enthusiasts who are used to a competitive environment and are now looking for new challenges.

Bath improves accessibility with a campaign spearheaded by volunteers

22nd June 2017

Accessible Bath is offering the chance for residents to help improve the information available on this historic city’s wheelchair accessibility.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival put accessibility centre stage

20th June 2017

Founded in 1947, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival has become a household name, as well as one of the largest festivals dedicated to the arts from around the world. The Fringe Festival has also long been synonymous with a liberal and inclusive attitude towards many isolated and minority members of the community, and has been a celebration of individualism.

New technology unveiled to prevent older people from falling

14th June 2017

The Active Pelvis Orthosis exoskeleton device has been created to help older people stay on their feet as it can predict if a user is going to fall.

Gatwick invests in new accessibility facilities

12th June 2017

Gatwick Airport has recently announced that more money will be invested into accessibility facilities including an Eagle Hoist lifting facility.

Neighbourhood scheme to ensure elderly are able to make doctors’ appointments

12th June 2017

The Good Ivers Neighbour Scheme has been gaining traction since it was first suggested. In an effort to help the most vulnerable in their community who rely on mobility aids and special facilities such as walk in baths and showers, the community is removing the need for public transport and offering their services instead free of charge.

Dundee’s mobility scheme has successful results

6th June 2017

Often when people think of mobility schemes, there is the assumption that there is a new app, service or product at work. However Xplore have chosen an alternative route, and instead have made efforts to improve the mobility education of Dundee residents.