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Mobility News

Older homeowners consider pension funding options

16th August 2016

A survey has revealed that older homeowners would only consider using their home as a source to fund their pension as a last resort, or not at all.

1.8 million disabled and older people have unmet housing needs

8th August 2016

Research has outlined 1.8 million disabled and older people are without suitable and accessible housing – their housing needs are not being met.

Simple meal time tips to get the nutrition you need

26th July 2016

As we get older it’s important to check we’re getting the nutrition we need to stay fit and healthy long into retirement. Find out what foods can help keep you well-nourished and active in our guide to ensuring a simple meal time.

Occupational therapy helps older people stay at home

22nd July 2016

A multidisciplinary approach to health care is recognised as helping to reduce the numbers of hospital admissions amongst older patients, instead enabling people to stay independent and in the comfort of their own homes into later life.

Useful apps and websites for older people

21st July 2016

From apps that offer gentle exercise advice to those that help you stay in touch with loved ones, there’s plenty to choose from, and you can find them directly from your mobile phone or device. If you want to learn about how technology can improve small tasks from day to day, take a look at our handpicked list of useful apps and websites for older people.

Roundabouts could replace T-junctions to make roads safer for older drivers

20th July 2016

The Older Drivers Task Force has recommended that roads should be improved to be more user-friendly for mature motorists, following a report.

Older people advised about staying cool over the summer

19th July 2016

Older people in South Gloucestershire have been reminded about the importance of staying cool over the summer months, with recent temperatures soaring and more heatwaves expected.

Pensioners’ income has risen to meet workers’

15th July 2016

Research reveals that pensioners’ income has been steadily rising in recent years and is now almost equivalent to that of workers.