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Call 7 days a week for free advice

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Rise and Recliner Chairs


If the process of getting up from a chair is a little tricky or you need a helping hand to get in the perfect position, then a rise and recliner chair is a perfect choice for you. Browse our full range of mobility chair solutions here on our website, or order our Riser Recliner Chairs brochure

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All of our riser recliner chairs can be fitted with a single motor to enable synchronous movement of the back and footrest, or a dual motor allowing you to operate the back and footrest independently.

There is no need for worry when it comes to stylish designs to fit with your home décor either, as we understand the importance of having a rise and recline chair that is as stylish as it is practical.

Call 7 days a week for free advice

0800 910 0240

"We would like to thank your company for the good service"

" Following the purchase of two of your riser and recliner chair, we would like to thank your company for the very good service we have received in this matter. "

Ms Davis

How can I benefit from a Rise And Recliner Chair?

Few things offer as much comfort as being able to sit back and relax in your favourite armchair, but it’s not quite so relaxing when you find it difficult sitting down or getting up again, or can't get comfortable enough in a chair because it doesn't offer the support that you need.

We know that individual independence is an important aspect for freedom within the home and everyday life. From Age UK Group and Handicare’s combined knowledge of the mobility market, we also know that investing in a safe and affordable rise and recliner armchair or orthopaedic chair will provide you with just that.

We support our customers from the very start - read more about our rise and recline chair service and support.

Why Choose Us?

Age UK is proud to work with the leading UK mobility company Handicare to provide quality, reliable and easy-to-use electrical rise and recliner chairs for the elderly. Handicare understand the importance of quality of life and mobility. Our manufacturing skills have been combined with the Age UK Group's own experience, along with its feedback from Rise and Recline Chair users and healthcare professionals to make sure the Riser Recliner range suits different needs and different budgets.

We are continually working towards improving later life for everyone. Upon delivery and set-up, a technician will fully demonstrate how to use your new riser recliner chair safely and also provide information on customer service for the future

If you are considering a Handicare ‘Age UK Chair’, take a look at a few reasons why you should choose us to provide your rise and recliner chair.