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Two-thirds of care requests are rejected by local councils

21st October 2015

Statistics have shown that out of the 1.85 million requests made by older people seeking care, just over 650,000 of these people received help, which is thought to be due to funding problems. The Health and Social Care Information Centre figures show just how difficult it can be to receive the correct care, with many reportedly being told to seek help from other avenues, such as charities or housing services.

This type of care can be vital for those who are living independently at home with the help of a mobility stairlift, and could mean that a significant amount of older people are admitted to hospital or placed into a nursing home sooner than necessary. Also, those who needed social care would have had to pay something towards the cost, with some having to pay the entire fee.

Older people turned away by local councils due to lack of funding

Just 144,000 of the requests resulted in long-term care, such as help in the home for tasks such as washing or dressing, or being placed in a nursing home. A further 220,000 were given short-term assistance such as rehabilitation after leaving hospital, while 300,000 were provided with low-level support such as walking aids.

Further statistics about those who did receive care revealed that 65 per cent were satisfied, although one in ten were not. One in twenty did not feel as if they were given enough food and drink, or were not left as clean and presentable as they would like.

Janet Morrison, chief executive of the charity Independent Age, told the BBC that the figures painted an "alarming picture of services cut back to the bare bones". She also added: "This is a direct result of £4.6bn cuts to social care budgets since 2010 and comes despite an ageing population which is increasing the need for these services.”

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