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Stratus Homelift

The Stratus homelift is our open-car solution to your mobility needs, connecting the floors of your house with ease. This through-the-floor lift is perfect for wheelchair users and passengers, and its open-car design means it won’t be imposing wherever you place it in your home.

Thanks to our sleek design, there are no side posts, so the lift takes up minimal space. If you wish to customise it, there are a range of custom colours and wraps, as well as a folding seat that can be added, to ensure the lift is suited to your unique requirements.


Available in three sizes including the smallest footprint on the market: Compact, Twin and Wheelchair

  • Fully compliant with all the latest British standard safety regulations, including fire protection wherever the lift is parked
  • No lift shaft or obtrusive side posts make this one of the more discreet homelift models
  • Minimal building work required
  • Level access perfect for wheelchair users
  • Smooth and quiet travel between floors
  • Easy to operate with one touch internal controls and wireless external controls on both floors
  • Fully comprehensive warranty covering all call outs, parts and labour and including one service visit

Call the Age Co team at Handicare on

0808 303 7478

Standard features:

  • Half-height vision panels and in-car LED lighting
  • Diagnostic display
  • Wireless controls
  • Emergency lowering system
  • Tip-up seat
  • Acrylic panels

Optional features:

  • In-car telephone
  • Powered door
  • Grab rails
  • Comes in a light grey as standard but other options are available