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Low Price Guarantee

What is the Low Price Guarantee?”

Handicare will match any like-for-like stairlift quotation provided in writing by any other reputable company within the UK stairlift market offering a similar product on similar terms.  For added peace of mind, the Low Price Guarantee is valid up until the day your new stairlift is installed.

How can I take advantage of the Low Price Guarantee?"

  1. Obtain a free, no-obligation quotation from from Handicare, provider of Age Co Stairlifts

  2. If you already have a lower like-for-like written quotation from a reputable supplier offering a similar product on similar terms, simply show this or complete the Low Price Guarantee form and Handicare will happily match the price.

  3. If you haven’t already shopped around, and you would like to, Handicare would recommend you obtain a written quotation (as above) from another reputable supplier. Once you have this and should the price be cheaper, simply show the like-for-like quotation or complete the Low Price Guarantee form and Handicare will happily match the price.

Are there any other terms or conditions for the Low Price Guarantee?”

The Low Price Guarantee is only available on similar stairlift products offering similar terms. Written proof of alternative quotation from a reputable supplier (either alternative quotation or the Low Price Guarantee form) must be presented to Handicare at or before the point of installation. 

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