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The Age Co Walk In Baths and Showers range

Regain independence when bathing

Whether you need to take extra care in the shower to avoid slipping and falling, or if you are looking for a solution to problems getting in and out of the bath, our walk in bath and shower solutions can help you to enjoy your bathing experience by enjoying one of life’s great pleasures, and at a reasonable price.

Age Co and Handicare have carefully selected a range of walk in baths and showers designed to put ease, comfort, and independence back into showering and bathing without the need for assisted bathing. Browse the full range of walk in showers and baths or by requesting a walk in shower and baths advice pack. If you would like to speak to a trained mobility bathroom advisor to arrange a home visit, please call the customer service team on 0800 566 8823.

The easy-access baths in our range come in all shapes and sizes, from full length baths to models which are smaller and are perfect for small bathrooms. The baths are designed for users with mobility issues, and they feature slip resistant floors and instead of having to hop over the side of the bath, there are side entries and easy ways of opening the door so you can enjoy a bath without any help. The walk in showers in our range also have features that make them easy for people with limited mobility.

Arranging a home visit or contact-free home assessment with Handicare can help you assess the options that are available to you and learn more about the different safety features available with each model. It can also help you to decide which walk in baths and showers would suit your individual needs, and, most importantly, you can talk to a mobility bathroom professional who can answer any important questions you may have about walk in baths and showers.

If you want advice on how to create disabled bathrooms so that they are accessible to wheelchair users and people with limited mobility, the Handicare advisors will offer walk in bath and shower advice as well as recommend any other bathroom accessories, such as grab rails, that they think will help to make it more accessible.

Frequently asked questions about walk in baths and showers

How much is a walk in shower?

When it comes to a bespoke walk in shower installation, the price will vary depending on the scale of the installation process.

How much is a walk in bath?

When it comes to bespoke walk in baths, the price will vary depending on the scale of the installation process and the type of model you choose. Some walk in baths for the elderly are slightly cheaper than other models, but no matter which type of bath you choose you will be asked to pay a deposit of 50% before the manufacturing can take place. The deposit can be paid in two instalments, the first of which is payable at the point of order and is normally around £1000. The remainder of this is due after a technical survey has been carried out.

What’s the difference between a wet room and a walk in shower?

Walk in showers are generally in a cubicle and are independent from the rest of the bathroom. Some models feature toughened safety features, such as glass around the outside of the shower and raised shower trays. Wet rooms are a popular choice for many modern bathrooms, but they normally do not include shower trays; the water instead flows directly into a drain in the floor.

Some models come with wet room screens, but the space will need to be waterproofed and have a tiled floor and walls. Wet rooms serve as great disability showers, allowing wheelchair users enough space to move around as they wash.

How much space for a walk in shower?

This depends on the need of the user and the specialist mobility bathroom surveyor can advise you on what they would recommend for your bathroom.

How do you fill a walk-in bath?

Unlike a traditional bath, disability baths are deeper and before filling the bath, users with mobility issues just need to get into the tub, make sure the door is shut and fill it with water. Before getting out of the bath you will need to let the water drain away before opening the door.

Where to put a walk in bath?

Most mobility baths have either left-hand or right-hand orientation to allow you to install your easy-access bath exactly the way you want it. For more information, read our Walk-in Baths and Showers FAQs.

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Choosing Walk in Baths and Showers

Whatever your individual requirements when choosing a walk in bath and shower, Handicare will always try to provide a walk in shower or bath that meets those requirements. Handicare wants you to enjoy your relaxing hot bath or refreshing shower, and that is why there is a wide range of bathing solutions for those who are disabled or have limited mobility.

The best accessible bathrooms need adaptions such as walk in showers and easy access baths installed as they allow you to wash without compromising your safety. Handicare offers a wide range of walk in baths and showers that will blend seamlessly into your current bathroom design, and the stylish range has additional mobility features such as non-slip trays, extra width, and temperature-controlled taps and settings. From walk in showers and wet rooms to walk in baths with built-in powered seats, the range is sure to hold a bathing solution to suit your needs.

As well as walk in showers and disabled baths, Handicare’s bathroom accessories will also make washing and bathing easier and safer. Grab rails give support whilst entering and leaving the shower and bath, and a shower seat will provide extra stability and help you avoid strenuous bending and the risk of falling when showering.

Providing Peace of Mind in Your Bathroom

Handicare has combined their understanding of the mobility market with Age Co’s wealth of experience to ensure the range of walk in showers and baths suits many different needs and budgets. All our walk in baths and showers  provide quality, reliability, ease of use and safety, as well as providing comfort once installed.

Handicare is proud to be working with Age Co. Together, they are continually working towards improving later life for their customers, whether through walk in shower units, baths for the elderly or through their range of stairlifts. These solutions aim to help you live safely and independently in your own home when you have mobility issues. All of this is backed up by a desire to provide extra peace of mind.