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Mobility News

New bus to provide lifeline to older people in Keynsham

21st September 2017

A brand new vehicle is hoped to bring back independence to those who struggle with limited mobility in Keynsham.

Scheme launched to address malnutrition in older people

19th September 2017

Food should be one of life’s pleasures, but many things can get in the way of this enjoyment.

Should pedestrians have longer to cross the road?

18th September 2017

Getting out and about for people who struggle with limited mobility can be a challenge, especially if they rely on special facilities such as indoor stairlifts.

Sensory garden created for older adults

15th September 2017

Being able to enjoy the great outdoors should not just be a luxury for those without limited mobility.

91-year-old Thai lady completes Uni degree

11th September 2017

A 91-year-old lady from the north of Thailand has just successfully completed a bachelor’s degree after studying for over 10 years.

Most inspirational older adults

5th September 2017

Perceptions surrounding older age are changing and as some people fully embrace their retirement, they are also breaking records and proving to the world that age is just a number.

Which country has the best diet for older adults?

4th September 2017

Enjoying your older years to the fullest is the intention of many. However, this is very dependent on one’s attitude and health.

Grandparent and Grandchildren activity ideas

1st September 2017

It is great for grandparents and grandchildren to spend time together and here is a guide to some of the best activities they can do together.