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Mobility News

£865k grant awarded to mobility AI project

12th November 2018

A UK-based innovation agency has awarded an AI developer £865k to develop a platform which could improve care for people with mobility issues.

Older people with friendship circles engage better with preventative health

9th November 2018

A new, UK-based study has suggested that older people with larger friendship circles may be better at keeping up with preventative health measures.

What are the best vaccines for older adults?

2nd November 2018

If you want to find out what the best vaccines for older adults are, then read this guide and look at the infographic looking at the key vaccinations you need.

Easy arts projects you can do with your grandchildren

31st October 2018

Creating art with your grandchildren is a fantastic way to make something long-lasting and heartfelt that they can keep forever.

When was it most expensive? A deeper look

30th October 2018

Does a TV cost more today than in the 1960s? In this article, we take a deeper look into research conducted regarding when iconic items were most expensive.

7 great Christmas present ideas to give your grown-up children

30th October 2018

The big day is just around the corner, so here is a guide to the best Christmas present ideas to give grown-up children to save you from any stress.

Great accessible UK weekend breaks: Nottingham

29th October 2018

The home of the famous Robin Hood, Nottingham is also a city that is accessible to those with mobility problems and here are some of the things you can do

How to avoid stress in older age

22nd October 2018

Having stressful periods during your life is inevitable. However, for older people, this can be overwhelming. Discover how to avoid it with this guide.