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Mobility News

Little ways to use less plastic at home

21st May 2018

Britain is fighting a war on plastic and as traditional shopping methods like bulk buying and glass milk bottle deliveries are making a comeback, here’s a roundup of little ways to use less plastic in your home.

The world’s best countries to grow old in revealed

17th May 2018

As the world’s population continues to age, different countries across the globe are looking to find alternative ways to support their older adults.

The perfect clubs for people who don’t like sports

16th May 2018

Staying sociable is one of the greatest challenges that faces the UK’s older adults today, and this can be made more difficult for a number of reasons.

Table tennis unites older people and combats loneliness

14th May 2018

It is important to keep mentally and physically active as people get older and while there has been in roads into combining nurseries with older adults’ residential homes, a former pub in Leeds is looking to combine the generations and add an element of competitiveness through table tennis.

9 recipes older people can try with their grandchildren

11th May 2018

Bonding with grandchildren can be tricky, especially if they are at a difficult age or the grandparents live some distance and don’t see them often

Future proof your bathroom to solve bathing problems

9th May 2018

Take a look at some of the items people can buy to make their bathroom more accessible and allow them to be more independent in older age

Accessible summer days out in the UK

4th May 2018

We look at some of the most accessible summer days out in the UK. From a range of gardens to historic sites, don’t let low mobility hold you back from enjoying the summer sunshine!

Is it too late to move house?

30th April 2018

Moving house is an enormous undertaking at any time of life, but as people get older it can seem a mammoth task ahead of them.