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Mobility News

The world's most accessible music festivals

26th April 2024

There are some incredible music festivals out there but how accessible are they for disabled people? Discover the world’s most accessible music festivals.

What is the best country to live in for older people?

24th April 2024

From health care to retirement age, discover the best countries to live in for older people with this objective ranking, compiled via multiple datasets.

Frequently Asked Questions to ask before travelling with limited mobility

22nd April 2024

This guide looks at the most frequently asked questions people with limited mobility ask before travelling.

Reasons for fatigue in older adults

19th April 2024

Older people can sometimes be impacted by tiredness and fatigue but what are the causes? Discover the reasons for fatigue in older adults in this article.

Grandparents' guide to St Paul's Cathedral

17th April 2024

Want to visit St Paul’s Cathedral with grandchildren? This guide shares information on travel, accessibility, what to see and do, and more.

How accessible are racecourses in the UK?

16th April 2024

In this guide, we have looked at how accessible racecourses are across the UK.

Tips on how to keep warm in winter

1st April 2024

Keeping warm in the colder months can be tricky, especially for older adults. Follow these simple tips to keep your body healthy and warm in your home.

What free things do you get at 60 or older?

20th March 2024

From travel and health to wonderful days out, read this guide to see the best free things you can get at 60 or older.