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Mobility News

Great holidays for people with low mobility in 2019

17th December 2018

Looking for a great accessible holiday? There are some tremendous holidays available for those with low mobility, offering great facilities and destinations.

Why massage therapy is so beneficial for older people

14th December 2018

Massage therapy can truly help people as they age, and, in this article, we highlight the many benefits older people can obtain from this treatment.

Yorkshire scheme helps older people become more active

13th December 2018

North Yorkshire Sport introduces new high budgeted scheme to help re-introduce exercise back into the over 65’s community

Older people urged to get the new free flu jab

12th December 2018

As the winter weather sets in, MP’s urge the over 60’s to go to their pharmacist and get the free ‘aTIV’ vaccine.

How to cultivate family life in older age

11th December 2018

In later life, it can be a struggle to maintain a healthy family life, but with good organisation and communication, staying attached can be carefree.

The best disability bloggers and resources to follow in 2019

7th December 2018

Discover the top 50 blogs for disabled people and carers, full of invaluable resources, relatable blog posts and priceless information.

The ultimate winter toolkit for older people

28th November 2018

The cold weather brings along with it a number of challenges, but this winter toolkit of tips and advice will equip older people to navigate the season.

7 personal gifts you can make at home this Christmas

22nd November 2018

Buying gifts can be quite impersonal at times, so why not opt for some homemade gifts this Christmas with the ideas contained in our festive guide.