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Mobility News

18 thoughtful gifts for people with chronic conditions

27th August 2019

From weighted blankets to shopping trolleys, bloggers with chronic conditions were asked what gifts they have or would love to receive.

Art installation highlights loneliness in older people

22nd August 2019

Artist Sharon Bailey demonstrates the severity of loneliness in older people in her new installation, based in Newcastle. Learn more here.

New gallery celebrates older athletes

21st August 2019

Bristol-based photographer helps change the stereotypes of older people in a new exhibition that showcases older athletes. Learn more here.

An accessible guide to the UK’s best aquariums

20th August 2019

The UK is home to many wonderful aquariums. This guide lets you know what’s on offer and highlights their accessibility for those with limited mobility.

Making a home safe for older residents

6th August 2019

There can be many hidden dangers in a home, especially for older people with mobility problems. Check out this guide for some home safety tips.

Airport advice for older people

31st July 2019

This summer, ensure that your trip abroad is smooth sailing from the get-go by following these useful airport tips for older people.

Why photography is a great hobby for older people

30th July 2019

From the irrefutable cognitive benefits to enhancing your social life, this article looks at the reasons why photography is a great hobby for older people.

A guide to the UK’s best country parks

29th July 2019

Looking for the best country parks to visit in the UK? Take a look at our guide, letting you know what to expect at these beautiful, scenic locations.