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Mobility News

Disabled people to get free NHS parking

21st January 2020

From April 2020 disabled people, regular visitors, parents of sick children staying overnight & staff working nights will not have to pay for NHS car parking.

The best singles holidays for over 60s revealed

20th January 2020

The best destinations for solo travellers who are over 60 has now been revealed. Find out the top countries to add to your must-visit list in 2020.

Mobility Events Calendar

9th January 2020

Keep up to date with all that's new in the mobility world with this handy events calendar for mobility and disability events in 2020.

What is the best country to live in for older people?

8th January 2020

From health care to retirement age, discover the best countries to live in for older people with this objective ranking, compiled via multiple datasets.

An accessible guide to London’s best art galleries

7th January 2020

London is full of incredible art galleries to visit and this guide highlights some of the best available while also detailing how accessible they are.

Plumber offers free work to older people over winter

16th December 2019

A plumber who provides free work to older people and disabled customers over winter is aiming to raise enough money to help 1,000 families this winter.

Fitness class to help protect older people from falls is launched

12th December 2019

A fitness class that is aiming to improve older people’s strength, mobility, confidence and to reduce falls has been launched in the UK.

As grandma and grandad used to say

10th December 2019

From sayings to nuggets of wisdom, this guide looks at some of the best bits of advice that a grandma and grandad have passed down through the generations