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Mobility News

Easter activities to enjoy with grandchildren

30th March 2019

This Easter, why not plan a fun day that both you and your grandchildren can enjoy? Check out this guide for some springtime inspiration.

7 food shopping tips for older people

29th March 2019

Find out some top tips and tricks for making food shopping easier and more efficient for older people, particularly if you suffer from mobility problems.

What can we expect from the future generation of over 60s?

28th March 2019

Exploring fashion, entertainment, technology, health, values, attitudes and more, let’s look at what can be expected from future over 60s.

What to do with grandchildren in the South West of England

27th March 2019

If you are a grandparent that is looking for fun things to do with your grandchildren in the south west of the UK, then take a look at this guide for some ideas.

Great accessible UK weekend breaks: Sheffield

25th March 2019

Sheffield is a city rich in history and it is a great place for visitors with limited mobility to go on a weekend break. Find out the best things to do here.

Research suggests too much TV can affect your memory

20th March 2019

Relaxing in front of the TV is a popular pastime, but the more hours spent watching TV the worse memory older people have, a new study suggests.

People in the UK are happiest after 70

14th March 2019

New research suggests that people in the UK over 70 years old are happier and older people find it easier to ignore negative emotions in others.

The best cookbooks for older people

8th March 2019

This year, why not revamp your meal times with help from some easy-to-follow cookbooks for older people? Discover the best books for new recipes here.