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Tips and advice for over 60s

21st February 2024


Navigating life in older age isn’t always straightforward; indeed, a lot is unique about life after 60. To help those who have entered into later life, we have published several guides containing tips, advice, and recommendations, all of which you can access on this page. So, if you are looking for discounts to take advantage of or a few retirement tips, read on and explore this helpful resource.


Lifestyle tips for over 60s


In the guides below, discover some lifestyle tips for over 60s, covering the likes of photography, golf, and gadgets to use at home.

Driving after 60: What you need to know

This article about driving after 60 looks at what people need to think about, including when you should consider if you’re still safe behind the wheel and how, after 70 years of age, you are required to reapply for a new licence.

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An older person's guide to digital photography

Whether you’re seeking the perfect landscape, portrait shot, or simply taking snaps of the family at home, photography is an amazing way to capture memories. This guide to digital photography aims to help you grasp the basics, allowing you to take quality images in no time.

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New Year's resolutions for those in later life

This article shares some of the best New Year’s resolutions for those in later life, and it also looks at why making a resolution for New Year’s is an excellent idea. You can find resolutions that are aimed at improving your relationships, health, and wanderlust.

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Food shopping tips for older people

Going to the supermarket can be stressful, but this article shares some food shopping tips for older people that should help alleviate some of the strain and help you navigate more effectively. Recommendations include organising your shopping list by aisle, avoiding busy times, and more.

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The benefits of golf in later life

Golf can be played at all ages, and there are many benefits of golf for older adults, including spending time with friends and enjoying beautiful surroundings. If you are new to the sport or you are looking to get back into it, this article shares the benefits associated with golf.

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What are the best bedroom mobility gadgets for older people?

With the technological advancements in recent years, a growing number of gadgets have been designed to help older adults with everyday tasks. It is estimated people spend a third of their lives in the bedroom, and this guide looks at the smart bedroom gadgets that can help people with mobility difficulties.

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How you can become greener in retirement

This guide looks at the different ways people can become greener in retirement, such as what you can do to make sustainable changes to help the environment and lower your carbon footprint. Tips include upcycling, future-proofing your home, and using public transport.

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What is the best country to live in for older people?

This study looks at a combination of different datasets, including health care and retirement age, to create a definitive ranking for each nation to find out which country is the best to live in for older people. Read the article to see how the UK fares against other countries around the world.

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The Mature View: An insight into the viewing habits of the over 60s

Do older adults watch shows on Netflix? Are reality TV shows popular amongst over 60s? This research reveals the viewing habits of over 60s and looks at which shows older people watch and how they watch TV.

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Parts of life that can get better with age

To celebrate ageing, this guide looks at the parts of life that can sometimes get better with age, which ranges from getting more freedom and travelling more to becoming wiser.

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First aid tips everyone should know

No matter what age you are, knowing first aid is a vital skill. In this article, you can discover some basic first-aid skills that everyone should know so that you can help others, such as older relatives, neighbours, and loved ones.

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Top tips for improving your balance

Your balance is key to avoiding unnecessary falls and bumps, and this article shares some top tips that will improve your balance and mobility. There are a number of exercises and activities that can boost your ability to balance, and this can lead to a more active way of life.

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Reasons for older people to join a dance class

The likes of Strictly Come Dancing encourage millions of people across the UK to ‘keep dancing’ or take up the pursuit for the first time. This guide looks at how dancing is accessible for virtually everyone and shares the benefits dancing can have on people attending dance classes.

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Finance tips for over 60s


In the guides below, discover some finance tips for over 60s, covering topics such as discounts, benefits, and managing money in retirement.

The best benefits for over 60s in the UK

There are many fantastic benefits for over 60s in the UK, helping older people in areas such as energy bills, travel, and prescriptions. From government support during winter to disability grants, discover some of the fantastic benefits available by reading our guide. 

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The best discounts for over 60s in the UK

We all want to save some money, especially when times are hard. The good news is that there are some fantastic discounts for over 60s available. Find savings on food, travel, attractions, and more by reading our guide that collates the best discounts around.

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How to manage your money in older age

Managing our money is important, but it can be especially difficult once someone retires. Learn how to manage your money in older age by reading our guide, with tips such as planning ahead, creating a budget, and being open to outside help.

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The top money-saving Christmas tips you need to follow

Christmas is a time of joy, but it can also be an expensive time of the year with the cost of presents and food. There are ways to save money this Christmas, however. Read our guide to learn about some of the top money-saving Christmas tips.

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Travel tips for over 60s


In the guides below, discover travel tips for those over 60, such as holiday destinations and advice for planning a trip.

ChatGPT's top holiday destinations for over 60s

Can artificial intelligence help pick the perfect holiday location? For fun, we asked ChatGPT to recommend top holiday destinations for over 60s. The results may not be right for you, but they might give you some inspiration.

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The best singles holidays for over 60s revealed

Singles holidays for over 60s have become one of the fastest expanding markets in the UK travel industry, and this guide shares some of the top destinations for solo travellers and the benefits of going on a singles holiday.

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Guide to travelling and holidays for older people

Retirement is the time to make the most of the freedom you’ve earned and the wisdom you’ve gained over the years. Whether planning a holiday here in the UK or escaping somewhere further afield, learn more in this guide to travelling and holidays for older people. The article includes tips before you travel, whilst you are on holiday and more.

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What to pack when travelling in later life

From the weight of your luggage to prepping enough medication and ensuring you pack carefully, there is plenty to consider when planning a trip. This article looks at what you can pack when travelling in later life, with recommendations from bloggers and travel experts.

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Retirement Wishlist

This retirement wish list gives people an idea about how to fill their newfound time, as people can often be at a loose end after they stop working. Going on a cruise, driving Route 66 and watching the Northern Lights are just some recommendations.

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Companionship tips for over 60s


In the guides below, discover some tips relating to romantic relationships and the companionship of pets.

Over 60s dating: Websites, tips and advice

It’s never too late to find love, but dating can be a difficult world to navigate. Our guide to dating for over 60s offers tips and advice, as well as highlighting some of the best dating websites to try. Whether you want to date online or meet people in person, this article can help.

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How to keep a relationship flourishing in later life

Establishing a loving, committed relationship is a wonderful thing, but how do you keep it flourishing in later life? A lot can change over the years, but that doesn’t mean your relationship has to suffer. Read our guide for tips and advice to keep your relationship strong and healthy.

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Best pets for older people

We love our pets, and many people form a helpful relationship with an animal. Pets can benefit both physical and mental health but are also wonderful companions. What are the best pets for older people? Discover some of the different dogs, cats, and other animals that are recommended.

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Which dog breed is best in retirement?

Having a companion in later life is a great way to keep active. However, not all dog breeds are compatible, especially for those with limited mobility. This article looks at the best dog breed for people in retirement and shares advice from some experts.

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