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The benefits of golf in later life

6th October 2022


Golf is a sport played by people of all ages and of all abilities and has so many benefits to everyone that plays, from getting out in the fresh air and enjoying beautiful surroundings to enjoying time with friends and improving physical and mental wellbeing. As we get older, it may become harder to stay involved in competitive sports, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop playing altogether and golf is one of those sports that allows you to play as little or as often as you like without being too strenuous.

If you’re looking to get back into a sport or want to know a little more about the benefits golf can have as you get a little older, then keep reading for some insights from golfing fanatics and experts.

The benefits of golf for staying fit in later life:

  • It encourages social interaction
  • It can benefit your mental health
  • It strengthens the body physically
  • It encourages routine

It encourages social interaction

As golf isn’t a team sport, you may not think that it is an overly social one, but the comradery and team-like qualities are still present as you move your way around the course. Time is spent moving between holes and offering advice to one another on the shots being taken. A drink or some food at the clubhouse and a quick chat with friends rounds off a very sociable day.

David Jones, blogger at UK Golf Guy offered his opinions on why he thinks golf is great for those of all ages: “Golf is a great way not only to get some exercise but also to make new friends. My advice would be to find a golf course which has good variety and can adapt to your needs. There is no point joining a club where the course is too tough to enjoy. Rather, find somewhere which has a variety of tees so you can 'play it up' and ideally where you can do a shorter loop of 6 or 9 holes if you don't fancy playing all 18 holes.”

It can benefit your mental health


Golf has so many physical benefits, but people often overlook the mental benefits that playing any sport can have on us as we get older. Andy from the blog Andy’s Golf Blog spoke to us about the benefits of golf or any sport for our mental health:

“Whilst I’m sure there are many physical benefits of playing golf later in life, personally, I think the greatest benefit to people golfing post retirement is potentially the many mental health benefits – something I think is often overlooked. Golf is an incredibly social activity and for many older golfers, the importance of getting off the sofa and meeting up with friends for a few holes and a coffee afterwards cannot be underestimated. I know first-hand from speaking to several elderly club members, many of whom live alone having sadly lost their partners, just how much they value those few hours each week with their friends come rain or shine. Even if they can only play 9 holes or having to hop in a golf buggy whilst their playing partners walk, they really do value and look forward to being able to spend some time in the company of others.”

It strengthens the body physically

Although most won’t think of golf as a strenuous sport, it does have a lot of positive benefits for the body. Whether you use a golf buggy or choose to walk around the course with your friends, you’ll be getting in plenty of steps, which in time will improve your stamina, fitness and just make the body stronger as a result.

The action of swinging and hitting the ball will keep the arms and back strong and help keep muscles stronger for longer. But equally, golf is great for those who have limited mobility and the sport can be adapted to suit all abilities.

It encourages routine

One thing that sport is great at is encouraging routine. Many sports and sporting clubs will play and train on a certain day, meaning that you will always have something in the calendar for that coming week. If you often play with friends, then having one day a week that you all play together is a nice idea, you will always have time planned in with friends and you know that you will be getting out in the fresh air for a prolonged period of time.

If you love playing sport and want to stay a little fitter, then have a look into some local golfing clubs and gather a group of friends together and enjoy a putt around a stunning course. For more useful guides like this, take a look at our blog.

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