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Walk in Showers with Seats

Age Co Mobility understands the importance of independence in later life, particularly when washing and showering. Age Co Mobility knows that it’s important that you enjoy, as much as possible, your shower and the relaxing time you spend in it without worrying about slipping or falling.

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Age Co and Handicare have worked together to provide a specially selected walk in shower range that caters for individual needs and personal tastes. The range of walk in shower enclosures and walk in shower seats are perfect for those looking for safer showering experiences for their home. From wet room showers with shower seats to easy access showers, you’re sure to find a walk in shower that will suit your needs.

Within the range of walk in showers  we have available, there are showers for disabled people and models which are perfect for older adults who struggle with their mobility but are still able to move around. You can look at walk in showers with shower seats, as these models are great for people who struggle to stand in a shower. Alternatively, a walk in wet room is a great choice for people who are wheelchair users and require access or who are in need of a model without step in shower trays.

During the process of purchasing a walk in bath or shower, a specialist mobility bathroom surveyor will be on hand to advise you of the best options available for the design of your walk in shower cubicle. The expert surveyor can advise on a particular model for your shower area and will be able to guide you on the type of shower door you should get, where the shower will go on the bathroom wall and even help you to decide whether you would like glass panels and screens with your shower or grab rails.

Call 7 days a week for free advice

0808 304 2214

Choosing your Walk In Shower or wet room

With the help of the Age Co group, Handicare has carefully selected a range of walk in showers to restore your independence when showering. It is easy to take everyday tasks for granted until your personal mobility is reduced. With limited mobility, tasks like showering can provide much greater risk of slipping or falling. When investing in an easy-access shower, washing without discomfort will once again become accessible.

If you are unsure of which of the mobility showers is right for you, please call the customer service team to arrange a free disabled showers assessment. A trained mobility bathroom surveyor will provide a no-obligation survey and answer any questions you may have. Should you wish to upgrade more of your bathroom to aid your mobility, Handicare also has a specially selected range of walk in baths.

Our wet rooms are ideal for wheelchair users as it is all on one level, have slip-resistant flooring, and a high-flow drain that will dispel water quickly. Our experts will help you through the process from start to finish and will offer you advice about your wet room.

Our Peace of Mind Guarantee

For complete peace of mind, all walk in shower cubicles include a fully comprehensive warranty for all parts and labour. Each walk in shower tray also undergoes rigorous safety testing before they are ready for installation. This is also the case for the wet rooms in our range, they have been safety tested and there is a warranty on all parts and labour.

For full details of the excellent warranty provision on walk in shower enclosures and disabled wet rooms and products, please see the terms and conditions of sale.

Frequently asked questions about wet rooms & walk in showers

How much is a walk in shower?

When it comes to a bespoke walk in shower installation, the price will vary depending on the scale of the installation process.

How much does a disabled wet room cost?

This can vary depending on the size of your bathroom and the complexity of turning it into a wet room. On average the overall cost of a wet room can be anything between £3,500 and £10,000.

What’s the difference between a wet room and a walk in shower?

Walk in showers are generally in a cubicle and are independent from the rest of the bathroom. Some models feature toughened safety glass around the outside of the shower and raised shower trays. Wet rooms are a popular choice for many modern bathrooms, but they normally do not include shower trays and the water instead flows directly into a drain in the floor. There are models which come with wet room screens, but the space will need to be waterproofed and will need a tiled floor and walls. Wet rooms are great disability showers as they allow wheelchair users enough space to move around as they wash.

How much space for a walk in shower or wet room?

This depends on the needs of the user and the specialist mobility bathroom surveyor can advise you on what they would recommend for your bathroom.

Are wet rooms for disabled persons?

Wet rooms are considered the safest and most accessible solution for wheelchair users, disabled people, and people who have limited mobility. There are plenty of wet room ideas for disabled people, so you can install one that is modern and fits in with the style of your home.

How do you clean a walk in shower or wet room?

Try to clean your walk in showers or wet room as often as possible. The best way to clean your model is by spraying your bathroom with some mild cleaning products, including limescale remover, after your shower or bath. Then you can follow this with a quick wipe of the surfaces. Read our full walk in baths and showers FAQs for more information.