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Age Co Homelifts

Invest in a homelift to help maintain your independence at home

Our range of homelifts offers you a practical way to future proof your home and add a touch of luxury. A great alternative to a stairlift, having a home lift installed can increase your independence at home and make travelling between floors a breeze. What’s more, you can transport items up from the ground floor safely and efficiently, taking the pressure off and making life easier for all of the family.

Whether you want a fully enclosed cabin, a wheelchair lift or an open-car solution, homelifts by Age Co can fulfil your needs and give your space a new lease of life, allowing you to stay in the home you love for much longer.

A homelift might seem like the luxury option, but you’d be surprised at how affordable they’ve become. Both quick and easy to install, a domestic lift no longer needs to be something you just dream of having but a home upgrade you can make.

Age Co Homelifts are provided by Handicare, a well-respected manufacturer that has been supplying lifting solutions worldwide for over 100 years. All are fully compliant with the latest British safety standards and are designed to be installed with minimal building work required. With no lift shaft or obtrusive side posts, they’re some of the most discrete models on the market and will slot into any home with ease.

We have a range of three lifts which are available in a selection of sizes, including the smallest footprint on the market, perfect for those who don’t have much space. All of our lifts are easy to operate with one-touch internal controls and wireless controls which can be used externally on both floors, great for homes where more than one person would benefit from a residential lift.

Call the Age Co team at Handicare on

0800 204 4742

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Cygnus Homelift

Modern and sleek design, the Cygnus Homelift is the ultimate domestic lift solution.

Key features:

  • 7’ LCD display
  • Full-height vision panels
  • In-car telephone and LED lighting
  • Powered door
  • Emergency lowering system
  • Plus, a range of optional extras

Aurora Homelift

The Aurora Homelift provides a practical solution for your residential lift needs.

Key features:

  • Half-height vision panels
  • Emergency lowering system
  • Wireless controls
  • Plus, a range of optional extras

Stratus Homelift

The Stratus Homelift is an open-car solution that won’t impose on your space.

Key features:

  • Half-height vision panels
  • In-car LED lighting
  • Emergency lowering system
  • Tip-up seat
  • Wireless controls
  • Plus, a range of options extras