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Walk in Baths in the UK

Age Co Mobility knows one of life's great pleasures is relaxing in a hot bath. However, a bath is far less enjoyable when you are worried about slipping or you’re worrying about how to get in and out of the bathtub.

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That's why Age Co and Handicare have specially selected a range of walk in baths and easy-access baths that are designed for the elderly and those with limited mobility to put the ease and comfort back into bathing.

Age Co Mobility’s accessible bathing products are provided by Handicare, who specialise in an excellent range of mobility bathing options such as walk in baths and showers, as well as offering outstanding customer service.

In the range of UK walk in baths we have available, there are baths for disabled people and models with a walk in tub, which are perfect for users who struggle to lift themselves over the side of a regular bath. The easy access baths with doors boast all the latest safety features, and the trained bathroom advisors that will come to your house will be able to check that a full-length bath can fit into your bathroom and which model is the best one to choose for your home.

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Here at Age Co Mobility, you can also purchase disability bath aids for your walk in bath tub, ranging from a glass bath screen to standard grab bars. You can get a bathroom accessory installed at the same time your walk in bath gets put in or after it has been installed.

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Call 7 days a week for free advice

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Choosing your Walk In Bathtub

With the help of the Age Co Group, Handicare has thought carefully about mobility features and benefits that will be important when considering purchasing a walk in bath. Handicare believes a key factor is the quality of care and level of personal attention and respect they give to customers when choosing an accessible bathtub.

Survey and installation appointments for your walk in bathtub are scheduled to suit you, and no one will call you without prior agreement. You will be in control and kept informed throughout the decision-making and buying processes of your mobility bath. Handicare's trained bathroom advisors are on hand to assist if you have any concerns or questions about your new walk in bath.

Our Peace of Mind Guarantee

For complete peace of mind, all Handicare’s walk in baths, and their walk in showers, come with a fully comprehensive warranty for all parts and labour. All mobility and walk in baths also undergo rigorous safety testing before they are confirmed as ready for installation in your bathroom. For full details of the excellent warranty provision on mobility bathing products, please see the terms and conditions of sale.

If you need clarification as to which walk in bath is right for you, please call our customer service team to arrange a free home assessment. A trained mobility bathroom surveyor will provide a no-obligation survey and answer any questions you may have. Call the customer service team on 0800 566 8823 to arrange your visit.

Frequently Asked Questions about walk in baths

How much does a walk in bath cost?

When it comes to bespoke walk in baths, the price will vary depending on the scale of the installation process and the type of model you choose. Some walk in baths for the elderly are slightly cheaper than other models, but no matter which type of bath you choose, you will be asked to pay a deposit of 50% before the manufacturing can take place. The deposit can be paid in two instalments, the first of which is payable at the point of order and is normally around £1000. The remainder of this is due after a technical survey has been carried out.

How do you fill a walk-in bath?

Unlike a traditional bath, disability baths are deeper, and before filling the bath, users with mobility issues just need to get into the tub, make sure the door is shut and fill it with water. Before getting out of the bath, you will need to let the water drain away before opening the door.

Is there a difference between baths for the disabled and walk in bathtubs for older people?

Walk in baths are very versatile and can help those with disabilities and older people with limited mobility to easily access the bath. If you are someone with reduced balance or who has difficulty walking, our walk-in bathtubs are the ideal choice.

Where to put a walk in bath?

Most mobility baths have either left-hand or right-hand orientation to allow you to install your easy access bath exactly the way you want it. For more information about our walk-in bathtubs, read our Walk-in Baths and Showers FAQs.