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Over 60s dating: Websites, tips and advice

26th May 2023


The prospect of dating for over 60s can be potentially daunting. Some might not like the thought of sitting across the table from a stranger or travelling to new places. For those who struggle with limited mobility and perhaps need the help of stairlifts at home, getting out of the house can itself be a challenge. However, with a wealth of online dating websites and apps at your disposal, many of which are designed specifically for older people, there is more support than ever for those seeking love and companionship.

If you are new to the over-60s dating scene or just want a few pointers, in this guide, you will discover tips, advice, and a handful of over-60s dating sites to try.

Over 60s dating sites and services


With so many dating websites, apps, and services, it can be hard to know where to start. Read on to discover some of the best dating sites for over 60s to help you get started.


With 20+ years of experience in bringing people together, eHarmony is undoubtedly one of the best-known dating sites today. The service promises to focus on the quality, rather than quantity, of connections, allowing singles to find their perfect match.

eHarmony can even help with dating for over 60s in particular, stating: “There is no reason why advancing age should ever stop you from finding love, which is why eHarmony is committed to helping singles over 60 find love later in life.

“There’s plenty of choices, too; we’ve welcomed thousands of singles over 60 who are looking for love online with eHarmony – they’re based all over the UK, from Bristol to Barnsley and beyond, and the list is growing every day!”

There are a variety of paid-for subscription plans available with eHarmony.


For those looking to re-enter the dating scene after a breakup, loss, or long time away, this service offers a supportive space to meet like-minded people. LoveAgain encourages people to meet others who understand what they’ve gone through in the hopes of finding companionship and possibly romance. Their website states: “LoveAgain is a place where you can meet others who understand what you’ve gone through. Here you can find friends, explore possible romance, or just find someone to talk to.”

LoveAgain is free to join; however, there are paid subscriptions available.

Love Arts

This is the perfect dating service for single older people seeking to bond with someone over their shared love of the arts. Love Arts allows people with a mutual love of all things arts-related to find each other and develop companionships and relationships. Pitched as a service for ‘cultured singles’, this is a great place to start if you’re looking for someone to enjoy an evening at the theatre or an afternoon at a local art gallery or museum. Love Arts is free to use, including reading messages received from potential matches; however, only paying subscribers can write personal custom messages. Packages start from £10.50 per month.

Muddy Matches

Over-60s dating isn’t all about age. Finding a companion or potential new love with similar interests is very important. Muddy Matches is an online dating service focusing on those leading rural life. The service has more than 200,000 members from the UK and Ireland, all with one thing in common – they love the countryside. The service was launched by two sisters with a farming background and it remains a family-run business, describing itself as ‘the only independent dating site for genuine country-minded people’. Muddy Matches is free to join. However, paid subscription packages are available.


Ourtime is a mature dating site connecting like-minded singles seeking a serious relationship. You must be at least 50 years old to use Ourtime, making it the perfect over-60s dating site. You can either meet people online or at one of their dedicated activities. From guided tours and cheese crawls (like pub crawls but with cheese) to night’s out, the activities they offer at various UK locations make finding a special someone easier. When you combine this with traditional dating profiles and video call options, the platform is a great option.

Ourtime is a free dating site for over 60s, with an option to pay for a subscription to unlock advanced features.


For those seeking something more in their lives through companionship, Stitch may be able to help. The online social community has a unique profile browsing system that focuses on ‘quality connections’, with no unsolicited contact and a focus on shared interests.

Stitch is great for those taking their first steps into the world of companionship and dating. Revealing a little more, Jane Thompson at Stitch shared: “Stitch is a community for over 50s to meet new people through activities and travel.

“The world’s only over 50s companionship community created by members for members, bringing like-minded people together. Stitch is about connecting people in the real world, and we have thousands of members who have met both friends and romantic partners. Our Stitchers love to get together both individually and in groups. Whether it’s a new movie, art exhibit, hiking or just dinner, we make it easy to meet people.

“We only allow people over 50 years old to join. All members are verified, and we take security and community respect very seriously. Before communicating on Stitch, all our members must perform an identity verification check, which prevents scammers and con artists from abusing our site or contacting our members.”

The team at Stitch has also shared their advice to those using their service for the first time: “Get involved! We’d love to meet you. Stitch is a friendly place, and the first step towards finding someone special is to sign up, create a profile and say hello to some of our fantastic members on the site.”

Basic Stitch membership is free. However, there are paid subscriptions available. 

Over 60s dating tips


Dating for the over 60s can be complicated, so to help ease into the process, look at a few general dating tips below.

Take your time

It can be challenging to dive into when people haven’t been dating for a long time. Suddenly, the prospect of meeting a stranger for lunch can bring feelings of anxiety or apprehension. It’s important for people to take their time when meeting new people and to remember to go at a comfortable pace. Perhaps meeting others in groups or at social clubs/activities could be an easier place to start, or using a service that offers opportunities for friendship and meaningful companionship rather than a dating agency.

Be confident and be yourself

It’s important to remember that you have a lot to offer to another person, so don’t be tempted to be someone you are not. Instead, be confident in who you are and look for someone who will value your unique personhood. Be curious, ask questions, and be willing to talk about yourself. It may not be easy, at first, but opening up will become much easier when you find the right person.

Expand your horizons

You might have a specific idea about what you want in a partner. As we advance in age, we get pretty good at knowing what we want. However, you don’t want to miss out on meeting the person you are meant to be with by having impossible criteria that no one can meet. Sometimes the person you are looking for comes in an unexpected package.

Enjoy it!

Above all, new daters should remember to have fun! After all, meeting new people, making new friends and potentially finding your other half is a fantastic thing. Those who find the process overwhelming should not be afraid to step back and go at their own pace. This should be an enjoyable experience. There are thousands of singles over 60, waiting to share their lives with someone special.

Advice for over 60s dating online


With a few simple tips, online dating for over 60s can be both safe and satisfying and can help people find companionship.

So, what should people know before starting? How can people ensure they are talking to the right sort of partner? Discover a few words of advice below.

Find the right platform

There are lots of different over 60s dating sites. These can be mainstream or more tailored to niche corners of society. Some of these require those wishing to join to fill out lengthy personality questionnaires, which may not appeal to everyone. Finding the right platform for you will be key to your success.

You might only be looking for free dating sites for over 60s, and while there are options available, many will require you to buy a subscription after an initial trial. Reading the terms and conditions is therefore essential. You don’t want to go to the effort of constructing the perfect profile just to find out that you are unable to match with others without paying a fee.

If safety is a crucial concern for you, finding a platform that emphasises the security of its users will be necessary. Some dating sites have strict safety features, while others do not. Make sure that you are satisfied with a dating website before going ahead.

Take time creating your profile

The most important component of online dating is the profile you will create. This is how others will get their first impression of you, so make sure it accurately reflects who you are. Take time with this and include information prospective partners will need to know.

While a profile that is too long could get skipped, one that has little information will leave prospective partners unsatisfied. It’s not likely that either of those approaches will end in much success. There’s nothing wrong with showing your sense of humour, but make sure enough substance is present to capture people’s attention.

Choose the right photos

While you want to upload photos to your profile of you looking your best, it is important to be honest and accurate with the images. Photos should be a recent and clear depiction of who you are. Don’t try to be someone you are not.

You might be tempted to upload a photo of yourself with friends or family. While this is a lovely idea and expresses who you are, you don’t want a prospective partner to be confused about which person in the picture you are. A variety of solo and group photos is, therefore, a smart idea.

How to make contact for the first time

With online dating, whoever chooses to make the first contact has an added responsibility – not that this should put anybody off being proactive. With the initial contact comes the pressure of being interesting, engaging and showing that they have read the other person’s profile, a simple ‘hi’ won’t cut it.

A first contact needs to stand out in the other person’s inbox and should, therefore, be well crafted. A little humour goes a long way, and while some introduction is necessary, asking questions about the other person is usually a good way forward, maybe referencing something interesting or unusual in their profile.

According to Beyond Ages, you can cut the awkwardness with a well-honed initial question: “A great first message jumps past pointless questions and right into specific questions. The best questions you can ask have ‘long-game.’ That’s why it works so well to ask about something you have in common. When you bring up a topic you both like, you’ll both have lots to say about it, which paves the way for a longer conversation.”

Stay safe

Safety concerns might be a reason why some over 60s might avoid online dating. However, with a bit of care and common sense, you can enjoy these websites and apps without having to be afraid.

Make sure that online users cannot find out your last name or address via your profile. While these may be details shared as people get to know each other better, they should not be present or given out at this stage.

The first time a couple meet, certain precautions could also be taken, such as bringing along a chaperone. Sandy Weiner from Last First Date has some suggestions about staying safe while dating:

“When you meet a date in person, meet in a busy public place. Never have your date pick you up or come to your house. Before you leave, inform a friend of where you are going and when you expect you’ll be home. If plans change, keep your buddy informed of your whereabouts.”

A local café or a restaurant in the centre of town is perfect for a first date, however meeting during the day is safer, as is ensuring there is available transport to get home, so you are not reliant on the other person.

Dating for over 60s

Whether you are looking for some tips or an over-60s dating website, hopefully, this guide has offered a few helpful insights. It’s never too late to find love; persistence is vital, as is having the trust that the right person is out there looking for you.

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