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The best discounts for over-60s

18th November 2019

If you’re entering the over 60s club or have already passed the milestone, then reduced bills, travel savings, discounts at cinemas and attractions are just some of the things you can enjoy.

There are so many discounts that you can enjoy and money-saving tips to follow that can help over 60s from all over the UK. In this guide, we share the best discounts and money-saving tips you can enjoy, helping make sure you aren’t missing out on anything.

The home

Moving house

It is common for over 60s to move home and downsize. However, others may prefer to stay put and just make it more accessible as they grow older. Older people who suffer from mobility problems that want to stay in their family home might consider using stairlifts and other aids to enable them to stay in the house they’ve lived in for years.

Others prefer to move home and while this can be a costly process, there are certain money-saving tips you can follow to help make it more affordable.

Consider moving in the winter months

There are certain times of the year when moving to a new house is more popular than others and by moving during quieter times you can save yourself some money.

Ryan Banks, from the Fantastic Men & Vans, said: “Just like any other service or product, removal services have strong and weak seasons. As you may guess, summer and autumn are the busiest. Everyone wants to move when the weather is nice and doesn't threaten to ruin your relocation with wind, rain, hail or snow.

“However, this also means that people and companies that provide removals services are having a lot of work and to ensure a free slot you’d better book well in advance.

“While during the cold months - November, December, January and February even, no one wants to move to a new house. Also, most companies offer holiday discounts if you book well in advance.”

A benefit of moving during the winter months or around Christmas is that you will get a bigger chance of arranging the time and date that fits perfectly in your schedule and won't have a problem with the company's busy schedule.

Do some of the move on your own or check the moving company

Some family or friends might be able to help with the move and this could help you save some extra cash while collecting packing boxes and materials in advance can also help you save more.

If you are hiring a moving firm there are a few essential things you should do such as doing a comprehensive check on the company you are looking to hire, but there are other things you can do that will help you save money.

Ryan Banks adds: “Get quotes from several companies. You don't have to settle for the first company that offers you a good price. Another company might offer you more things that will be more suitable to you for roughly the same amount of money. Make sure you really get the best price and the service that will give you a better quality of service.”

Days Out

National Trust Senior Membership

If you love exploring areas of outstanding natural beauty or old buildings, then the National Trust Senior Membership is something you can benefit from.

Offered to over 60s who have been a member of the National Trust for five years out of the previous 10 will get a hugely discounted membership, which is 25 per cent off the normal adult rates. It’s just £54 for senior membership, while a joint membership is just £90.

With this you can explore more than 500 places and below are some of the attractions you can enjoy:

The great thing about National Trust buildings is the fact that a lot are accessible with some boasting stair lifts for visitors, lifts and wheelchair hire.

English Heritage

Similarly, with English Heritage, over 65s can take advantage of a cheaper membership and this gives you unlimited access to over 400 historic sites across the UK.

It costs £51 for an annual membership, while an individual adult membership costs £60. A joint senior membership is £78 compared to a general joint adult membership which costs £105.

As well as being able to access all the historic places, members can get free entry for up to six children, a free handbook to plan your days out, free or reduced entry to events occurring throughout the year, a subscription to a quarterly magazine and special offers on other brands.

Attractions and museums

There are a whole host of attractions and museums where over 60s can enjoy discounts and special deals. These range from historic museums to wildlife parks and it is certainly something older adults can take their grandchildren for a day out.

Here are just some of the places across the UK that offer over 60s discounts:

  • Longleat Safari Park, House and Gardens – Tickets are £26.73 for over-60s if you book online, compared to £29.70 for standard adults
  • Beamish Open Air Museum – Over 60-s can pay just £14 compared to £19 for adults tickets.
  • Imperial War Museums – Standard adult tickets cost £22, but with an over 60s discount you can get entry for just £17.60
  • Tate Modern – Although the museum is free to enter, there are special exhibitions and displays that charge. Over 60s can enter these special exhibitions for a discounted £11–£22 compared to a standard ticket costing £15-£25.


National Rail Senior Railcard

Every year National Rail offers an annual senior discount card that offers 1/3 off all rail fares as well as discounts on days out, holidays and even theatre tickets.

Over 60s can buy this railcard for £30 for one-year or £70 for three-years and it saves on average £125 a year for older people.

Some of its special offers can be seen below:

Free travel across London, Wales and Scotland

If you’re an over-60 living in one of the 33 London Boroughs, you can ride the capitals public transport for free with the 60+ Oyster Card.

The Freedom Travel Pass also allows older adults who reach pension age to travel free across London and free local bus journeys nationally too. For over 60s outside of London that have a bus pass, you’ll be able to use it on London’s buses for free.

With the Arriva Club 55 and the ScotRail Club 50 card over 60s can get discounted travel on local buses in Wales and Scotland. Scotland also offers free travel on national bus services and in some areas older people can enjoy free rail travel.

In Northern Ireland over 60s are allowed free travel on bus and rail journeys. English and Welsh residents can get an older person’s bus pass to get free bus travel.

Discounted coach tickets

The National Express Senior Coach Card offers a great way to save a 1/3 on Standard and Fully Flexible fares to hundreds of towns, cities and airports across the UK.

With the card there are no restrictions on-peak and off-peak travel times, so you can travel when it suits you best, including on public holidays, bank holidays and weekends.

Discounted airfares

Over 60s can benefit from discounts for over 60s from a variety of airlines and if you’re going on holiday it is something you should look out for when booking your holiday.

Airlines like British Airways have previously offered 25 per cent off its year-round fares to the UK and Europe, while other airlines such as Air France and Delta also offer special discounts for older people.

Eating out

Eating out can be very expensive but there are lots of special discounts available to over 60s with lots of food chains offering special members and schemes to seniors. Here are some of the discounts you can use:

  • Greene King Pubs – Senior menus are offered at reduced prices
  • Hungry Horse – Golden Years menus are available to over 60s entitling diners two courses for around £4.
  • Tastecard – This offers 50% off food for two-for-one meals at more than 6,000 UK restaurants. Membership costs £1 for 60 days.

The car

Many over-60s still drive and living in rural areas it is essential that you are able to drive a car so that you can remain independent. Even older people with disabilities can still drive as there are specially adapted cars to keep you on the road.

Many older people like to downsize their car as well as their home and when it comes to their vehicle there are lots of things you can do to make it more affordable. said: “Assuming we walk up the ladder, let's start with used cars. A good tip is to first look through vehicles that have been on sale for a while. If you call subsequently twice over some period of time and sellers will consider dumping the price for you. Look into cars 3-5 years old. These cars will be in good shape and reliable.

“Keep in mind that low engine power means less gas usage. If meant for urban use, rather than regular long trips, the choice of 1.0-litre or 2.0-litre engine will work for you. Also, having manual gears will cost you less than automatic. If you want to save on insurance and tax, as a general rule of thumb, smaller cars cost less.”

Another option for over 60s looking to change their car in older age is to hire or lease a car. adds: “There are a lot of different ways to get a great car in later life and an option many may overlook is car leasing and contract hire. We often get a lot of praise from our elderly customers for offering a product that really suits them – one of the biggest benefits of leasing is the low initial payment at the beginning which negates the need to eat into hard-earned savings. Because there is no ownership of the vehicle during or even at the end of the lease there will never be a time where the finance company ask for you stump up a large sum.”

Another benefit of leasing a car is that older drivers no longer need to worry about the car depreciating in value and it leaves the driver with low fixed monthly payments and removes all the stress of having to dispose of a car which is no longer worth as much as they paid initially

AllCarLeasing also said you don’t need to worry about other costs: “On top of those benefits, customers need also not worry about paying road fund license or delivery as these are included. If customers opt for a maintenance package they won’t even need to worry about servicing, tyres or MOTs, either giving elderly drivers nothing to worry about other than insurance.”


Free eye test, prescriptions and dental work

Over 60s are entitled to a free eye test and you should book your appointment as normal and then notify the staff that you are eligible for a free test on arrival.

In England, you might be entitled to free NHS dental care, but this is dependent on what benefits you receive and your circumstances.

Over 60s in Wales can make the most of free dental examinations. Residents in Wales should notify the receptionist as they might not know that you qualify for the free prescription.

Discount on glasses

Specsavers is one of the UK’s largest opticians and they offer customers who are over 60 a special 25% discount off all glasses and contact lenses when you buy any single pair of glasses from its £69 range or above.

This means you could make savings over £17 and is certainly something you should consider. Other opticians also offer discounts for over 60s, so it is worth checking what you could be entitled to.

Discounts at Boots

The Boots Advantage Cards give over 60s large discounts on their range of products, including 10 points for every pound you spend on Boots' own-brand products.

Every point you earn is equivalent to a penny you can spend in-store and once you’ve saved up a few points it can save you a lot of money on different products.

Boots also offer over 60s savings on glasses or prescription sunglasses 9around 25%). Hearing-aid wearers can also save 15% on all hearing aids.

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