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New year's resolutions for those in later life

21st December 2022


It’s that time of year again when New Year’s resolutions are coming to the forefront of our minds. Wondering why making a New Year’s resolution is something that everyone should do? Know your end goal but not sure what the best resolutions to make to get there?

Read on to discover why making a New Year’s resolution is an excellent idea, and then discover a range of recommendations for the best New Year’s resolutions in later life.

Why make a New Year’s resolution in later life?

There are many reasons why making a New Year’s resolution is a great idea – even if you don’t keep them. Being able to work towards a goal and track your progress can help you achieve the changes you want.

The Journal of Psychology studied New Year’s resolutions and found that only 46% of those who make resolutions stick to them for six months. That might not sound like a lot; however, comparing that to people who sent no resolutions, it is a vast improvement, as only 4% of those who didn’t set resolutions were successful in their goals.

Whatever you want to achieve, just by envisioning that goal, you are one step closer to success.

Are you feeling ready to set your goals and change your life? Read on to discover the best New Year’s resolutions for those in later life.

New Year’s resolutions for those in later life


New Year’s resolutions to improve your health

Many people opt for health-based resolutions. After an indulgent period over the festive season, people with health and fitness goals are often even more inspired to make a positive change in their lives. Does this sound like you? Even in later life, if your mobility isn’t as reliable as it used to be and you utilise aids like stairlifts and homelifts, you can make positive changes.

Get a better night’s sleep

We often overlook the positive effects of a good night’s sleep; however, it can be revolutionary for those who want to improve their health. Able to positively affect your mental and physical health, having a consistent sleep routine can help brain function, improve recovery after exercise and make us feel better. Whether you set bed and waking up times to give yourself a routine or try to limit your screen time in the period before bed, it’s a simple enough resolution that can make a big difference.

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Reduce your alcohol intake

It’s a drum being beaten more and more as the years pass but reducing your alcohol intake can positively affect your mental and physical health. Whether you choose to cut alcohol out altogether or reduce your intake, you can save money, improve your diet and kick-start a new lease of life.

Not sure you can commit to the whole year or want to give yourself a challenge and give up completely? Why not opt to take part in Dry January to test the waters? The findings speak for themselves, with 86% of participants saving money, 65% noticing an improvement in their health, 70% having better sleep and 66% more energy – it’s a no-brainer!

Start an exercise regime

If you want to exercise but struggle to find the time or the motivation, then starting an exercise regime can be a game changer. By scheduling time to exercise and creating a plan, you’ll be able to prepare for getting a workout in and feel more accountable. It doesn’t need to be running marathons; it can simply be adding a few stretches into your morning routine or joining a local yoga group, whatever works for you.


New Year’s resolutions to improve your relationships

You may decide to focus on improving your relationships and making the most of them in the coming year. It can be so easy in the modern day to feel a distance between you and your loved ones, whether due to conversations going digital or just busy routines. However, some resolutions can help improve your relationships.

Revive an old friendship

Firstly, why not vow to revive some old friendships? This might be people you used to be close to and now only chat with every so often or friendships from the past that you wish you had maintained. With social media, wherever you are based in the world, you can reach out to people or find them if you don’t have contact information.

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Trace your family tree

A way to help you improve your relationships with your family and to learn more about your heritage is by making a family tree. Whilst doing this, you can talk to family members about your findings and speak to them about their experiences and memories to build out your tree. You could even find family members or distant relatives you’ve never talked to and build new connections that way.

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Make plans to see your loved ones more

Finally, why not make plans to see your loved ones more? It might sound simple, but adding a reoccurring play date into the diary with grandchildren or making a formal effort to see people more can make a big difference. When life is hectic, it can be really easy to overlook reaching out to someone to meet up, so just resolving to make that effort can make a big difference.


New Year’s resolutions to improve your mind

As the new year comes around, you may be looking for ways to expand your mind. This can be a fulfilling goal and is often not influenced by many external factors, so it can be easier to achieve independently. There are some simple resolutions that you can make to help you improve your mind with only a small commitment.

Read more books

Reading is a wonderful pastime and something that’s become more accessible than ever with the availability of e-readers and audiobooks. It can be something you do alone, turning through stories in bed or as a group, discussing a recent novel in a book group. Either way, it’s a great way to improve your mind and keep you entertained.

Plus, it’s thought to have health benefits too. Healthline reported: “Although research hasn’t proven conclusively that reading books prevents diseases like Alzheimer’s, studies show that seniors who read and solve math problems every day maintain and improve their cognitive functioning.”

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Start a journal

Journaling can be a gratifying experience and can not only be beneficial for keeping your brain working but can also be something family members enjoy. You could start by journalling some of the most impactful moments in your life to record them for future generations or keep a daily diary. This can also be a reflective experience for yourself and rewarding even if you keep your journals just for yourself and don’t ever intend to share them with anyone.

Tune in to some podcasts

A great way to keep your mind stimulated is by listening to podcasts. There is now a podcast for everything you can imagine, so whether you want to hear your favourite celebrity’s take on current affairs or want to learn more about a hobby, you’ll be able to do so. What’s great about podcasts is that you can listen to them anywhere. Why not listen whilst walking around the supermarket, preparing a meal at home, or relaxing in the bath?


New Year’s resolutions to encourage your wanderlust

The final New Year’s resolution many make is to travel more. We live in a beautiful and diverse world and travelling can help us learn more about not only our surroundings but ourselves. It can be hard to travel meaningfully in early life as work and family commitments get in the way, but it can be easier to get away in later life.

Explore your local area as a tourist

You don’t need to go away to feed your wanderlust, so why not explore your local area as a tourist? We can often fall into the trap of not appreciating what’s on our doorstep, but by reframing how you look at things, you can find adventure everywhere. Why not look online to find the local attractions you may have overlooked before? You never know; there might be an amazing park or wonderful restaurant closer than you think.

Experience culture in real life

Another excellent resolution for those who want to travel is trying to experience different cultures in real life, which is something you can do near or far. Although it can be fantastic to travel to far-flung corners of the world, it might not always be practical, so if there is a culture you want to learn more about, see what is happening closer to home that can help you do so. It might be visiting a restaurant that specialises in that culture’s cuisine, taking part in events that celebrate that culture or even just trying to read a book written by authors from that area. Whatever you find that can connect you with that culture.

Consider a once-in-a-lifetime holiday

If you really want to travel and can afford to do so, why not book that once-in-a-lifetime holiday? Travelling the world can be an incredibly rewarding experience and fulfils you in so many exciting ways. Whether you opt for a world cruise taking you all around the globe or an extended stay in a country you’ve always been intrigued by, investing in travel will always be something you’ll be pleased to do.

There are so many ways we can achieve our New Year’s resolutions, but one thing is for sure, you need to set the wheels in motion with goals to give yourself the best chance of success. Getting healthier, improving your relationships, training your mind and travelling more are all fantastic goals. With the resolutions above, we are sure you’ll be able to work towards them successfully in the new year.

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