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Mobility News

Over 60s dating: Websites, tips and advice

26th May 2023

Looking for over 60s dating websites? Or just some tips and advice for dating in older age? Read our guide to over 60s dating for a few pointers.

Great accessible UK weekend breaks: Manchester

19th May 2023

Manchester is one of the most exciting places to visit in the UK and is one of the most accessible cities. Here’s the top attractions & restaurants to visit

Britain’s Most Accessible Gardens

15th May 2023

This guide highlights the best gardens you can visit in Britain.

Guide to travelling and holidays for older people

4th May 2023

Whether you are planning a trip in the UK or escaping somewhere further afield, find tips and advice in our guide to travelling in older age.

A guide to buying and using a wheelchair

3rd May 2023

Read our wheelchair guide to learn how to choose a wheelchair, advice for using a wheelchair, and help with adjusting to life in a wheelchair.

The most accessible cities in the UK

14th April 2023

Find out which are the most accessible cities in the UK as our research looks at the number of accessible facilities every city in the UK has.

Best pets for old people

12th April 2023

Pets bring so much joy to our lives and they make great companions. This guide looks at the best pets for old people and what breeds you should get.

Best disability blogs and resources

11th April 2023

Discover the best disability blogs and resources for disabled people and carers.