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Mobility News

Outdoor games to play with the family

25th June 2021

Are you looking to enjoy the outdoors with the whole family? Read on to find a great selection of outdoor games to pay with the whole family.

How to make the perfect picnic

24th June 2021

This article shares ideas for creating the perfect picnic as well as looking at picnic food ideas that you should consider bringing with you.

What are the benefits of playing bingo?

23rd June 2021

This article looks at the benefits of playing bingo for the elderly and where people can play this popular game. Read on to find out more.

Revealed: The nation's favourite classic sweets

9th June 2021

Lots of people remember going over to their grandparents’ house and finding a treasure trove of sweets. This guide looks at older people’s favourite sweets.

Age-defying fashion icons

8th June 2021

There are so many fashion icons from across the globe that has inspired many, read on to find out some of the most iconic age-defying fashion icons.

The benefits of storytelling for our wellbeing

25th May 2021

Storytelling is a great way to improve your wellbeing and to share stories with others. Find out some of the other benefits of storytelling in this article.

The Best Space-Saving Ideas and Decorating Hacks

24th May 2021

This guide looks at some of the best space-saving ideas and decorating hacks that people with mobility problems can consider for their own home.

Tips for making a wildlife-friendly garden

21st May 2021

It is great to see robins, hedgehogs and squirrels visit your garden, and this guide looks at the different ways you can create a wildlife-friendly garden.