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Mobility News

Great accessible UK weekend breaks: Swansea

22nd May 2019

Swansea is Wales’ cultural city and is an area of outstanding natural beauty. This guide looks at the best things for visitors with limited mobility to do.

A beginner's guide to tracing your family tree

21st May 2019

From old photos to browsing online archives, there are many ways to trace your family tree. Find out more about researching your genealogy in this guide.

What are the health benefits of reading in older age?

17th May 2019

Reading comes with a host of benefits, from boosting your imagination to improving your cognitive health. Find out how else reading in older age can help you.

Action-packed activities for adventurous older people

15th May 2019

Your sense of adventure knows no age! From abseiling to horse riding, discover some of the best activities for adventurous older people in this guide.

Invisible illness and disability: what other people should know

7th May 2019

We speak to three chronic illness bloggers about what it’s like to live with a hidden disability and how others can be more understanding and supportive.

Travel habits of the older generation

2nd May 2019

Older people are now travelling to destinations all over the world on solo holidays & this guide looks at some of their travel habits and shares some tips.

The ultimate guide to planning an accessible holiday

1st May 2019

Summer is just around the corner & that means it will be the height of the holiday season. But what steps need to be followed to plan an accessible holiday?

Sports adapted to encourage older people to exercise

29th April 2019

Sport England fund 20 easy exercise classes whilst a new study explores the physical and mental health benefits of exercise in older people.