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Top bathroom decor trends

7th March 2021


Bathrooms are a room that we spend lots of our time in, but may not realise it. As the world has spent a lot more time at home, many have turned to rooms like the bathroom to make updates and adaptations to suit their new lifestyles and upgrade their appliances.

Your bathroom is a practical space and making it look stylish and trendy is often not the first thought, but there are simple ways you can update and change your bathroom to follow current bathroom trends. Bathroom trends change yearly but already 2021 has seen some great new trends take hold, keep reading to find out what these popular changes are and how you could use them.

Top bathroom decor trends:

  • Spa-like features
  • DIY makeovers
  • Botanical wallpaper
  • Practical spaces
  • Period features

Spa-like features


Everyone enjoys a little relaxation and visiting a spa is one of the best places to do so, so why not bring features of your favourite spa into your home? A trend that is set to take hold in 2021 is adding spa-like features in your own relaxation spaces including more luxurious accessories. Victoria, home, garden and DIY blogger at Wood Create explains a little more about the trend she thinks will be big over the coming months:

“After the year everyone had in 2020 and the start to 2021, the trend we’ll see most this year for bathrooms is turning our humble home bathrooms into more luxurious self-care spaces with features you’re more used to finding in a spa.  We’ll be creating our very own home bathroom spas as spaces to relax and rejuvenate in, rather than seeing our bathrooms as merely functional and practical spaces.  Even those on a budget can easily swap some bathroom fittings for something with more of a spa feel, mixed with some luxurious accessories; think rainforest shower heads, waterfall taps, soothing lighting, scented candles and fluffy towels.”

Adding spa-like features including large shower heads, Egyptian cotton towels and mood lighting is an affordable way to create a luxury space you can enjoy whilst the spas remain closed to the public.

DIY Makeovers


DIY makeovers are a great way to update a room on a budget. Doing the updating yourself has been a massive trend in 2020 and 2021 due to the worldwide pandemic and workers not being able to enter our homes to help with jobs, this is something Petra from A Mum Reviews explains a little more:

“A trend that I think is here to stay and that I think will be even bigger this year is to do bathroom makeovers on small budgets and in a largely DIY manner. I have seen lots of amazing transformations on social media, mainly on a shoestring budget, and I am sure they have inspired lots of people to try doing smaller updates themselves for money-saving reasons but also for the feeling of achievement and for a project to do during these strange times. Bathroom makeovers can be big or small and there are so many options for all kinds of budgets.”

Making small changes to your bathroom can make all the difference and there are so many cheap alternatives you can try. Updating your vinyl or adding tile stickers are all affordable ways of instantly making a room look fresh.

Botanical wallpaper


What better way to make a statement than with a botanical themed wallpaper? Wallpaper in a bathroom may seem controversial but it has been a trend for years. Botanical themes have been slowly growing in popularity as many want to bring the outdoors into their homes.

Whether you choose a feature wall to update or you want the whole room to be filled with statements of the outdoors, either way, you’ll be bang on-trend.

Practical spaces


As previously mentioned, bathrooms are great spaces that are often overlooked due to their practicality, but practicality has been a huge trend in 2020 and continues to be in 2021 as we continue to spend more time at home.

For those with limited mobility, having a practical space to move about in and use with ease is really important. Features like walk-in baths, accessible showers and even baths with showers are all great additions to a bathroom to increase the practicality and keep your family and friends safe.

Period features


Of course, you can’t add period features to your bathroom, but if you already have beams and other features then you are in luck and these are back in fashion. Classical bathrooms have done a 360 and are now often chosen over the more modern styles. Classic and traditional bathroom suites ooze elegance and are often in-keeping for older properties. Jo Boyne, author of the blog A Rose Tinted World explains how she thinks this tradition will continue into 2021:

“I think that one of the big bathroom trends for 2021 will be a new take on the classic traditional Victorian bathroom suite. A modern bathroom can still retain some period features such as a Victorian roll top standalone cast iron bathtub with claw feet. But can be brought up to date with bright white tiles and hardware such as taps with clean lines. Ultimately to create a light and airy space that is perfect as a haven of peace in your home.”

She continues and explains why 2021 is a great time to update your bathroom: “I think that 2021 is the perfect time to renovate your bathroom, as people are needing the sanctuary space to relax after the stresses of the last year. It’s the year to make a personal spa area within the comfort of your own home.”

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If you’re planning to update your bathroom with some of the spare time you may have or you’re just interested to see what trends will be popular in 2021, then hopefully some of these have inspired you.

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