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Mobility News

How to improve your circulation in older age

26th July 2019

Poor circulation is a common complaint as people grow old, but there are several things you can do to improve it & here we take you through what you can do.

What to do with grandchildren in the North East of England

25th July 2019

During summer and other school holidays it can be difficult to entertain grandchildren, but here are the top attractions to visit in the North East of England.

Why businesses are wrong to ignore over 50s

24th July 2019

Businesses are failing to see the opportunities the ageing population brings to the UK; discover why they need to change the way they target older people.

What are the most accessible fishing destinations across the UK?

8th July 2019

With National Fishing Month on the horizon, this guide looks at the most accessible places older people with mobility problems can fish in the UK.

Healthy Ageing – different life habits for different decades in your life

5th July 2019

From your 50s through to your 70s, life habits and life in general changes in the different decades of older age. This guide looks at what changes

The ultimate guide to planning a caravan holiday

26th June 2019

If you’re looking for a great excuse for a holiday, why not consider booking a trip away in a caravan? Find out how to plan the perfect getaway here.

How older people can improve their wellbeing

25th June 2019

With World Wellbeing Week taking place at the end of June, this guide takes a look at wellbeing amongst older people and how people can improve it.

Benefits and entitlements for over 75s

24th June 2019

From free prescriptions to the winter fuel allowance, Handicare spoke to bloggers about how some of these entitlements have benefitted their loved ones.