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Mobility News

Research suggests too much TV can affect your memory

20th March 2019

Relaxing in front of the TV is a popular pastime, but the more hours spent watching TV the worse memory older people have, a new study suggests.

People in the UK are happiest after 70

14th March 2019

New research suggests that people in the UK over 70 years old are happier and older people find it easier to ignore negative emotions in others.

The best cookbooks for older people

8th March 2019

This year, why not revamp your meal times with help from some easy-to-follow cookbooks for older people? Discover the best books for new recipes here.

The ultimate tips for making your home grandchild friendly

28th February 2019

Grandparents that are looking after their grandchildren should look to make their home safe for when they visit and here are some great tips to follow.

Driving after 60: What you need to know

27th February 2019

Driving gives you a sense of independence and the ability to travel freely, but is it time you consider how safely you’re doing so? Find out in this guide.

Perfect Mother’s Day gifts and treats for grandma

26th February 2019

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate all mothers so make sure not to forget grandma with these perfect Mother’s Day gifts, including meals and days out.

Household hacks for older people in 2019

25th February 2019

As you get older, finding ingenious hacks around the home can help to make your life easier. Find out more about the hacks you can use in this useful guide!

Great accessible UK weekend breaks: Coventry

21st February 2019

Coventry is England’s eclectic heart and it’s the perfect weekend getaway for someone with limited mobility.