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What to expect from a mobility aid home visit

31st May 2014

A home visit is a great opportunity to find out more about mobility aids for the home, particularly about the practicalities of installing a particular aid in your own living space. Here is a rundown of the range of mobility aids available and how a home visit can help choose which one is right for you.

Before booking a home visit to discuss which mobility product is right for you and your home there are a few things to consider to make the whole process even easier and more helpful. It may be a good idea to arrange to have someone with you so that they can ask questions you may not have thought of or to get a second opinion on the projects. While the home visit surveyor can provide reassurance and answer any questions you may have, asking someone to be there with you that you know well can make you feel even more comfortable and confident in your decision.

It may also be a good to get a rough assessment of your mobility and check the dimensions of your staircase and rooms in your home so that you know the type of mobility aids you are looking for and what rooms you will need assistance with. For example, is it just the stairs that you struggle with or would you also benefit from a level access walk in bath or shower?

It is also worth thinking about your budget before a home visit so that you have some sort of idea of how much you want to spend and the type of products available to you. The home surveyor will be able to provide some financial advice dependent on your state of funds, but it is good to enquire beforehand about such financial aid as the independent living fund and other such assistance so that you are aware of just what type of funding help you have access to.

During the visit the surveyor will talk you through the many different mobility aids and stair lifts available to make your life easier, more comfortable and independent. They can help with such decisions like which aid is more appropriate for your home and level of mobility – such as a walk in shower or walk in bath – and what model of stair lift would best suit your particular staircase. While some of these questions can be discussed over the phone, nothing beats the reassurance secured through a home visit where the surveyor can look at the real dimensions of your home and talk you through your options face to face.

The surveyor will make a thorough assessment of your personal requirements and the dimensions of your staircase so that you can feel safe in the knowledge that your level of mobility will never be an issue within your home ever again.

After the assessment you will be provided with a full written quotation that will include not only the cost of your product, but the installation as well so there are no hidden costs. After-care services will also be fully explained after the home visit, where such details as stair lift warranty and repairs will be explained in detail so that you can rest assured that your mobility won’t be an issue ever again.

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