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Perfect Mother’s Day gifts and treats for grandma

23rd February 2020

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate all the women in our lives, so make sure not to forget grandma with these perfect Mother’s Day gifts and treats.

Great accessible UK weekend breaks: Aberdeen

22nd February 2020

Aberdeen is the perfect location for a weekend break, this article explores the plethora of accessible attractions and entertainment on offer.

93% of homes do not meet accessibility standards

20th February 2020

New data reveals 93% of existing homes do not meet accessibility standards. Housing associations team up to tackle the problem. Learn more.

Heathrow invests £30 million in accessibility

19th February 2020

Heathrow invests in improving the airport’s accessibility standards to make flying inclusive for all. Find out about some of the new projects involved.

10 ways to unwind in 2020

31st January 2020

The festive period is a great time of year, but it can get stressful. This guide looks at 10 ways you can unwind this January to help you feel refreshed.

How older adults can make the most out of their heating this winter

30th January 2020

Every winter there are concerns over whether enough people are able to heat their homes. This is especially important for older adults as the colder weather has an impact on respiratory and circulatory conditions and extended colder periods can cause real harm.

How to spend Valentine’s with your Grandchildren

29th January 2020

Valentine’s Day is a great time to bond and create wonderful memories with your grandchildren. Discover the Valentine’s activities you can enjoy together.

Best winter hobbies for retirees

28th January 2020

If you are retired and are looking for a fun new pastime during the colder months, take a look at the best winter hobbies to try for retirees.