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Mobility News

Older people set-up support networks during Coronavirus lockdown

24th April 2020

Older people in the UK have set-up support networks to help their friends during the Coronavirus lockdown. This includes sharing online quizzes and daily jokes.

Great accessible UK weekend breaks: Middlesbrough

17th April 2020

Middlesbrough is a great destination for a weekend break & this guide looks at the best things for visitors with limited mobility to do during a holiday here.

Best pets for older people

8th April 2020

Pets bring so much joy to our lives. If you’re an older person looking for a companion, read our guide for the best pets and breeds to get.

Top ways to make the most of your retirement

6th April 2020

You’re looking to retire soon, what do you do? This article looks at the great ways you can make the most of retirement and your free time.

A healthy morning routine for older people

1st April 2020

A morning routine is the perfect way to organise and de-stress to start your day positively, find out how to plan your healthy morning routine.

Increase in women aged between 60 - 64 in work

27th March 2020

More women in their early 60s are in work than not in work, according to new data from the Office of National Statistics. Find out more here.

Do our personalities change later in life?

26th March 2020

New research reveals that our personalities continue to develop into our eighties, and that the stereotypes of older people need some revision.

The best children's books about grandparents

3rd March 2020

Take a look at this guide about the top books that feature grandparents. Read on to find out which titles you should buy before your grandchildren visit.