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Busting myths about ageing

9th November 2020

Is it true that people get shorter when they age or need less sleep as they get older? Read on to find out the truth/fiction behind the myths about ageing.

The best warming autumn soup recipes you can try

26th October 2020

Soup is particularly great to eat during the autumn months as the temperatures start to fall. Read on to find out the best autumn soup recipes you can try.

The ultimate Christmas gift guide for your grandchildren

23rd October 2020

Knowing what to get your grandchildren for Christmas can be difficult, follow this simple guide to some of the best kids toys to buy this year.

Best card games for older adults to play

22nd October 2020

While some hobbies may help keep older adults stay in good shape physically, others can help mental acuity and card games are great for exercising the brain.

Best tips for kitting yourself out for winter

21st October 2020

Winter is coming and with temperatures going down, you will need to wear some warm clothing. Read on for the best tips on what clothing you should buy.

A guide to remote working for older workers

19th October 2020

Working from home can be difficult for some. Follow these simple steps to help you be as productive as possible when working from home or remotely.

Captain Sir Tom Moore launches podcast to tackle loneliness

15th October 2020

Captain Sir Tom Moore is set to become the UK’s oldest podcaster as he launches The Originals podcast in a bid to tackle loneliness amongst older people.

Who are the most iconic British musicians over 65?

6th October 2020

Britain has produced some iconic musicians over the years and this article looks at some of the most iconic names who are over 65.