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Must-have items for your garden this summer

22nd July 2015

Summer provides the perfect opportunity to get your garden ready for the warmer weather and sunshine we all look forward to. Whether it’s a space you use to socialise with friends and family, put your green fingered skills to work, or simply relax, you’ll want to ensure that it’s neat and tidy, and equipped with all the latest garden must-haves.

So, in order to be the envy of all your neighbours, we’ve put together a list of items that you will want to add to your garden over the coming months.

Berry Picker

If you’re lucky enough to have berries growing on your plot of land, then a berry picker is an essential, as it will halve the time of harvesting. Grandchildren will also find hours of fun when using this colourful and clever product, which you’ll be pleased to hear is dishwasher friendly.

“The comb separates the berries from their stems, enabling you to pick your fruit much faster, and with a little less mess. Perfect for picking redcurrants, whitecurrants, bilberries, blueberries, elderberries, gooseberries, sloes and damsons…you just have to get there before the birds! People say to us… “A berry picker? That’s a brilliant idea!” And guess what? It’s not just a great idea - it works too.” – Modern Mint

Copper Trowel

All keen gardeners should have this handy tool as part of their kit. Small in size, yet extremely sturdy, it’s perfect for container gardening and bulb planting, as well as the dreaded task of weeding. Not only this, but it’s incredibly well-crafted and is a great looking piece of equipment which is sure to get pride of place in your shed.

“We love using this trowel in the garden because it has a shallow, pointed blade, making it easier to dig into the soil and tease out stubborn roots – dandelions quiver when they see us coming! The tool head is shiny because it is made of solid bronze – Modern Mint

Garden Kneeler

This is another bit of kit which will greatly benefit gardeners, especially those with arthritis or knee trouble. Providing a comfortable platform to kneel on, you’ll be able to prune your flowers and shrubs to your heart’s content, only stopping when it’s time for a refreshment break.

“We have never felt comfortable wearing knee pads in the garden so always used a garden kneeler for weeding in the front of the border, from the edges of the vegetable patch or on gravel driveways. The problem with a cheap kneeler is that it soaks up water like a sponge, meaning you still end up with wet knees"

Great British Deckchair

Many of the best summer activities can be done while in a deckchair. Sunbathing, reading, eating, need we say anymore? Bringing an element of the seaside to your back garden, they’re both aesthetically pleasing and a comfortable piece of garden furniture that can be easily stored.

“Who doesn’t want to spend the summer watching the world go by in a deckchair? It is the quintessential summer experience that is as popular today as it ever was. The adjustable sitting angle, the ease with which it can be carried and stored and the variety of fabrics make it still the best option for relaxed garden seating.”

“The frame of the Great British Deckchair is handmade from beech in the UK. It is beautifully crafted in the way that furniture seldom is these day and has four deep grooves for safe adjustable settings. The fabric is 100% pure cotton so soft to the touch but strong enough to last.  The colourway is a patriotic red, white and blue.” - Hen and Hammock

Picnic Blanket

There’s nothing like setting up a picnic, especially when the kitchen is close by, and you don’t have to worry about all the food getting squished! They’re also great for the grandchildren if you’ve run out of garden chairs, and are super soft if you fancy a quick nap in the sunshine.

“Picnic blankets are one of these versatile items that is invaluable in the garden and home.  In the garden it provides an attractive focal point for picnics and when the temperature drops can be wrapped around your legs or shoulders to keep warm.

“Our picnic blankets are made in Wales from pure new wool that has been left over from the manufacture of batch made blankets.  This is known as ‘shoddy’ wool and means that this ‘waste’ wool is put to good use and that there is a large variety of colourways.  No two blankets are every the same!” – Hen and Hammock


While the sun is welcomed in summer, if it does get too hot and you want to retire to the shade, awnings can provide the perfect shelter. As awnings are retractable, you can pick and choose when they give you coverage, which can be very useful during the hotter times of day.

“With over 670 different awning styles to choose from, a Primrose awning is a perfect way to create shade for your garden. A stylish addition to any garden, they are easy to install and look fantastic!” - Primrose

Water feature

While you may not have the Ground Force team on hand to install an extravagant water feature, there are many great alternatives available in garden stores across the country. Many take little effort to set up, and can add a little bit of luxury to your garden in no time.

“Our innovative pond in a pot is this summer’s must-have and one of our best sellers. Exclusive to Primrose, they are a great addition to any garden.” – Primrose


As the evenings draw in, it can often get cooler in the UK and firepits are a great way to keep warm. They are also incredibly visually appealing when they are lit, and are the perfect centre piece when hosting a get together in the garden.

“Featuring a classic bronze finish and a spark guard, this firepit is a great way to enjoy the long summer evenings.” – Dunelm


As a nation, we love BBQs, meaning no garden in the UK would be complete without one. No matter whether your BBQ is a built-in feature or easily portable so that it can be put into storage, you just can’t beat cooking sausages and burgers al fresco.

This BBQ is perfect for picnics in the park, weekends away or small gardens!” – Dunelm

Container plant pots

These are particularly charming, as you can add a personal touch to your garden, choosing which plants you would like to decorate your garden with. Here, Alexandra Campbell, who writes for The Middle-sized Garden blog gives her top tips for creating your own.

“Container gardening is one of the easiest ways to enjoy growing things. A window box can supply you with a lettuce mix for weeks - and salads grow all the year round if you buy a 'year-round salad mix'. Having herbs in pots makes a big difference to cooking and it's also cheap to make your own herbal teas from potted herbs. If you like chillies, these grow surprisingly successfully in the UK too, and a couple of pots will keep you going for weeks.”

“Almost anything can be grown in a container. Generally, you should look for a pot that is a bit larger than the roots of the plant you want to grow. The larger the container, the easier it is to keep it watered- lots of small pots will need watering every day. If you have mobility problems with filling or moving containers, get a friend or relative to help you set your container garden up, but from then on it will be easy to look after.” – Alexandra Campbell

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