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Top tips for staying warm in winter

19th January 2021


The new year has seen an unexpected amount of cold nights, frosty mornings and sub-zero temperatures, and for many, especially those with mobility issues who rely on homelifts or other stairlift solutions, keeping warm can be a struggle.

Heating a home can be expensive and when living alone it may feel a little unnecessary to heat the home just for you. Getting older comes with changes and one of those major changes is our body temperature and being able to regulate your temperature.

Layer up 


One of the most important things to remember in winter and when the temperatures get a little colder is to take care of yourself by wrapping up warm in multiple layers. Layering up doesn’t have to be uncomfortable and can make the biggest difference, there are a few ways to add warmth to your outfit:

  • Thermal layering – buying thermal tops and bottoms to place underneath your outfit can keep your body warm.
  • Wear tights – adding tights to any outfit can act as a barrier to avoid heat escaping.
  • Think about materials – make sure you are wearing thick materials and chunky knits.
  • Get the right outerwear – when heading outside it is essential you have the right clothes, make sure you wrap up with coats, scarfs, hats and gloves.

“For me, it is all about layering my clothing in winter to ensure I stay warm,” comments Shelley Whittaker, blogger at Wander and Luxe. She continues to explain a little more about the resources she uses; “I opt for thermal socks and a thermal vest to keep the important body parts warm, and then layer my clothing up from there. If I am out and about and wear bulky clothes or jumpers that don’t breathe, I find I heat up far too quickly when I move indoors. So, it is equally important to be able to de-layer once inside.  Several comfortable layers made from quality fabrics is the key.”

Keep cosy


There is nothing better than getting cosy in the winter and for those who often struggle to stay warm, there are plenty of ways to easily get comfortable.

Rowena, the face behind the blog My Balancing Act always recommends a hot water bottle for those who struggle to keep warm: “Apart from the obvious, which is wearing lots of layers to keep you warm in the colder months, I leave the oven open after cooking in the evening. This lets the warmth from the oven out into the kitchen. I'm also a big fan of a hot water bottle. A long hot water bottle is perfect for warming more of the bed. Now that I’m working from home in the conservatory I also use a hot water bottle to keep my feet warm under my desk on a cold day, perfect with soft snuggly slippers.”

There are plenty of simple and inexpensive ways to keep yourself warm when in your home, first of those is with a hot water bottle. If you find you get cold at night or when you are asleep, taking a hot water bottle to bed with you can really help. Second warmth idea is to invest in a heated blanket or a heated bed sheet. Sophie from the blog Along Came Rosie highly recommends a heated throw:

“Now that we are currently spending our free time exploring the great outdoors, we often come home soaking wet or with frozen fingers. With cold toes and the wave of fatigue that can only be remedied by getting cosy on the sofa with a cup of tea and some biscuits. Before Christmas, I bought a heated throw so that we could snuggle up underneath it and wait to thaw out. My favourite thing about it is that it doesn't get too hot, so I can sit with Rosie underneath and if anything gets spilt on it, you can just unplug the controller and throw it in the wash.”

Keep moving


Keeping the blood flowing around your body enables it to stay warm when the temperatures are colder so making sure you stay active can have a real benefit to your overall temperature. As getting out the home is a little tricky at the moment due to the covid restrictions but getting up off the sofa or out of bed to move your body and exercise your muscles has the same effect.

Simple exercises to keep your body warm:

  • Leg raises – raise your legs up and down from a seated position to increase your circulation.
  • Gardening – although the weather may not be great for gardening at the moment, getting out into the open space and enjoying the fresh air whilst stretching your legs can be really beneficial.
  • Yoga and pilates – gentle yoga and pilates can get the blood pumping through your body, improving circulation which will, in turn, enable you to keep warmer.

Keep your home warm


Making sure your home is as warm as it can be is one of the easiest ways to stay warm during the winter months, but for those with limited mobility, making sure their home and heating is working as best it can isn’t always a priority. There are a few simple ways to make sure your house is as warm as possible:

  • Set your heating to come on at certain times of the day - setting your heating to come on in the morning and the evening when you wake up and go to bed can really take the chill off a cold evening.
  • Add draught excluders – adding draught excluders under any doors and around any leaky windows can make a big difference.
  • Install a thermostat or smart meter – installing a smart heater enables you to keep track of your heating bills to avoid large bills.
  • Get your boiler checked regularly – getting your boiler checked regularly is a great way to make sure it is working at full capacity.

Sophie explained how she keeps her home warm during the colder months: “On the back of that, one of the best investments we made for our home was to install a smart thermostat so that we can turn the heating on from outside the house - coming home to a warm home or being able to control the temperature without getting out of bed in the morning is a complete game-changer. Plus both of these have helped us reduce our heating bill.”

As the days and nights get colder, following some of these simple tips will make sure you’re staying as warm as you possibly can.

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