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Free online resources for exercise

26th April 2020


Getting older, our ability to move freely can sometimes feel compromised and the introduction of the use of mobility aids and stair lifts is something we have to think about, that is why many people over the age of 60 are taking to the internet to find online exercise resources that’ll help their movement, joints, and their fitness.

Under the current circumstances, keeping occupied can be difficult, so finding easy and low impact exercises online is a great way for everyone to keep their mind and body occupied. Carry on reading to find some of the best online resources featuring a range of fun online activities.

Why keeping fit is important

Why is it important that we keep ourselves active as we get older? Nat from Happy Healthy Nat explained why exercising is so important in a little more detail:

For your physical and mental health

“Although many people view exercise as a chore that is just about burning calories, there is so much more to it than that! It is brilliant for both physical and mental health, for all ages. It is well-known that exercise is good for maintaining a healthy level of body fat and reducing the risk of things like coronary heart disease and type 2 diabetes. But it also helps reduce muscle loss as you age and can even prevent osteoporosis as it increases bone density.”

Exercising is a wonderful way to promote the ‘feel-good’ hormone which can boost our mental health and make us feel happy after working out, as Nat continues explaining:

“I feel strongly about promoting how fantastic regular exercise is for mental health too! This is partly because it releases a ‘feel-good’ hormone, but also because it can reduce stress and even improve memory function. And if you find a form of exercise you enjoy, it can bring even more to your life! Whether that is by increasing your self-esteem from setting and achieving goals, or by making new friends who all have that one particular form of exercise in common.”

To get the joints and blood moving

Another benefit of exercising at any age is it gets the blood pumping and moving around your body. Not only that, but it also helps promote joint health, reducing pain and swelling and preventing any further joint pains.

Becky from the Lifestyle Blogger UK explains a little more: “Exercise is so important, whatever your age. It's not only great for your body but for your mind as well. Get your body moving, in any way you can. Get the blood pumping and your joints moving and not only will it make your body feel better, but your mind as well. Especially at the moment being stuck at home, it's even more important. I told my 60+-year-old parents to try doing a few online classes each week to see how much better they felt - and they have loved it! Even my dad is now doing pilates classes every day with my mum and he really enjoys it.”

Muscle and organ function

Exercise keeps the muscles and organs functioning as they should be, which in turn, will improve our overall health and keep you feeling fit and active, as Julia from Julia Buckley Fitness explains:

“Exercise is vital for keeping us fit and healthy throughout our lives, but as we get older, we need it, even more, to keep our bones strong and to stay mobile. Exercise quite literally keeps us young by reducing degeneration in the body on a cellular level, it keeps our muscles and organs functioning well and even protects against age-related mental decline.”

Best online courses for older people

Joe Wickes, The Body Coach

With over 2 million subscribers on Youtube, it is safe to say Joe Wickes is an online workout hero, especially with the current circumstances, people of all ages are getting involved in his online sessions.

Ranging from intense HIT workouts to a selection of workouts specially designed for seniors, there is a workout session for everyone. Heading to his channel you will find 10-minute workouts perfect for those who want to do a little cardio, you will also find chair workouts for those who find standing for too long difficult.

Recommended videos:

Sophie Dear Yoga

For those looking for something a little more relaxing, yoga is a great way to unwind the mind and the body and it can be very stress-free on the body. Sophie Dear who runs Sophie Dear Yoga, has started running online workouts. She offers classes for complete beginners to those who are experienced with yoga.

Sophie explained why yoga is so good for people of all ages: “Yoga is such a fantastic practice for any age, and I believe that yoga can help you feel fit and healthy well into your 90’s. I started teaching my father at the age of 64 and his strength and flexibility has improved hugely over the past 4 years. One of my most dedicated students is 75 and he came to yoga after having a hip replacement. He is my absolute inspiration and he now practices regularly at home, online and comes on my retreats too!”

Recommended videos:

The Girl With the Pilates Mat with Rachel Lawrence

Similarly, with yoga, Pilates is a great way to get the body moving, keep joints supple and improve mental wellbeing. Rachel Lawrence from Girl With The Pilates Mat explains a little more:

“Exercise is important at any age, not just for the physical benefits but the mental health benefits too. As a Certified Pilates Instructor, I have seen how mindful movement can make a huge difference to a persons’ wellbeing. My YouTube channel features low impact exercises, many standing to help build strength, improve balance and coordination- all of which we lose with age if we don’t keep working on it. People are writing to me from all over the world who’ve been taking my Pilates online whilst in quarantine and feeling the positive benefits of exercise.

“In fact, someone wrote to me on YouTube today saying they are doing my Senior Pilates workout for the over 60’s with their 83-year-old father! My recommendation for seniors 60+ is little and often, ideally daily and they will reap the benefits in as little as 10 weeks.”

Rachel is running online workout classes on her Youtube channel with classes for all ages, including some specially tailored to the over 60’s.

Recommended videos:

Age & Opportunity

Age & Opportunity have a vision to provide ‘An Ireland where all older people are more active, more visible, more creative, more connected, more often.’ An Ireland-based organisation determined to improve the lives of those between the ages of 50 – 100+, this includes introducing their followers to a number of tailored exercise classes they can access online.

Head to their Youtube channel for a selection of seated and standing online exercise classes that are perfect for people with limited mobility too.

Recommended videos:

Keeping active is important and with the help of these online resources, keeping your body moving is easier than ever. Explore these videos and keep your mind occupied during these unprecedented times.

The best free online exercise resources:

  • Joe Wickes, The Body Coach
  • Sophie Dear Yoga
  • The Girl With the Pilates Mat with Rachael Lawrence

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