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Which stair lift is most suitable for my home?

21st March 2014

One of the biggest advantages of installing a stair lift is that it enables the user to continue living in the family home they love.

But if you live in a house that has particularly narrow stairs or low ceilings, how do you know if you can have a stair lift installed in the first place?

There are many excellent stair lifts currently on the market, but first thing’s first - you need to contact an occupational therapist, who can help guide you through the buying process and choose the best stair lifts to suit your needs.

After speaking to the OT, you will have to decide which model of stair lift would best suit your needs.

To help you during the buying process, we have given you a guide that looks into the various types of stair lifts that are suitable for different kinds of staircases and homes.

Seated stair lifts

A seated stair lift is one of the most popular models in terms of trade stairlifts, as well as those designed for the home. It is the perfect model for homes with long or short staircases and can also be modified for homes which have low ceilings.

Seated stair lifts boast a well-sized seat that swivels at the top and bottom of staircases, which makes it that bit easier for users to get off the chair.

Curved stair lifts

If your home has a curved staircase then a curved stair lift would be the model that is best for you.

Curved stair lifts enable users to go round bends in the staircase as well as travel across landings or half landings.

Curved stair lifts are built on a small rail that fits in tight to the wall, allowing more room for others to use the staircase.

Narrow staircase stair lifts

There are a variety of UK lifts that are perfect for homes with narrow staircases.

Virtually all reputable British stair lift manufacturers such as Handicare have stair lifts for narrow staircases. These stair lifts are designed to be compact and to include folding parts to help maximise space.

Often, these chairs are built to include folding arms, seats and footrests, as well as having a slim rail to enable the chairs to be folded up when they are out of use.

Transfer platform straight stair lifts

This is the perfect option for people with homes that have straight staircases with half-landings.

This stair lift is best for those who are still mobile to a certain extent, instead of users who struggle to move at all.

Just like other products for the home such as quality rise and recline chairs or homelifts, you must do your research to find the best prices. The best methods for doing this are to check the internet and to ask friends and other family members who have experience with stair lifts.

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