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The benefits of a reconditioned stairlift

18th December 2013

Whilst brand new stairlifts offer the ultimate in comfort, style and personalisation, many people chose to purchase a second-hand device instead. The benefits of getting a new stairlift are more widely understood in comparison to used stair lifts, so here we reveal the reasons why reconditioned stairlifts could be the right choice for you.

Used stairlifts cost less

There are many components of a stairlift that need to be manufactured, expertly put together and tested, which is why a brand new stairlift that is specifically made according to someone’s individual needs can be one of the more expensive independent-living aids. Whilst cheap disability aids that are new will be easier on the purse, they inevitably will not offer the same standard of support that a more costly new product offers.

A used stair lift is a great compromise for those who are concerned about costs but also want a good quality product. The cheaper stair lift cost of a reconditioned model is due to a simple refurbishment being all that is needed, rather than for it to be built from scratch, which adds on the cost of special materials and labour costs for the skilled construction of these independent-living aids. Because of this they are significantly cheaper.

Reconditioned stairlifts can be as good as new

Paying the price of a cheap disability aid for a stairlift may make you think that the standards and quality will be much lower, but this is not the case with reconditioned stairlifts. Pre-loved stairlifts are fully factory refurbished to the same high standards as new stair lifts, so those who buy a used stair lift can expect to get a product that is as good as new.

When the lift is installed many, manufacturers ensure that the lift comes with a completely new track, so quality should really not be an issue when it comes to choosing between a new and used stair lift.

Support and service is excellent

Support after the installation of a product is not assumed as included if that product is second-hand, but used stair lifts can be different. Many companies offer reconditioned stairlifts that come with the same parts and labour warranty that are offered with their new stairlifts. This gives the customer peace of mind, but also suggests that the standard and quality of reconditioned stairlifts is so high that manufacturers are happy to offer this service.

What do new stairlifts offer that a used stair lift doesn’t?

Complete personalisation. Choosing to have a new stair lift installed means that everything from seat colour to how the footrest is powered is up to the user. Having a reconditioned stairlift is only possible if there is a used stair lift available to be refurbished, so more specific requirements may be more difficult to fulfil - for instance, if a perch stairlift is essential because sitting is uncomfortable. If this doesn’t matter to you and stair lift cost is most important, then a used stair lift from Handicare could be the answer to your search for cheap disability aids.

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