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How much do stairlifts cost?

Although they are often essential purchases to ensure the continued independence of you or your family member in later life, it is inevitable that the question of ‘how much do stairlifts cost?’ will be one of the first that arises when you consider making an investment.

Below, a number of relevant issues are addressed, such as the average cost of stairlifts (both new and reconditioned), how prices vary between curved and straight stairlifts, and the cost of installing a stairlift.

How much do new stairlifts cost?

It may be a little frustrating to learn, but the truth is that the bespoke nature of installing the necessary equipment means that the amount new stairlifts cost in the UK can vary widely, depending on the amount and complexity of the work required. It is therefore difficult for providers to share individual stair lifts price details until a thorough home assessment has been carried out.

The question of ‘how much does a stairlift cost?’ will be answered accurately and in full by an expert when you arrange a home visit. Taking into account issues such as whether your stairs are straight or curved, whether any existing fixtures and fittings will need to be moved or removed, and whether you will need any custom features added, the engineer who evaluates your personal needs will be able to provide a clear idea of how much your stairlift should cost.

How much are stairlifts that have been reconditioned?

Once again, it is impossible to say with certainty how much stairlifts cost in the UK when they have been reconditioned and adapted to fit your specific property. The general question of whether there is a price difference between new and used models, though, is easier to answer - significant savings can often be made by those keen to invest in a reconditioned stairlift.

However, the temptation to buy that inevitably accompanies a low price tag should only be acted upon if you can be sure you are making a sensible purchase. Buying from a private seller means that you will not benefit from a 'parts and labour' warranty, nor will the track be tailored to your specific staircase. As is the case when buying new stairlifts, it is always best to go through experienced and professional providers to ensure complete peace of mind.

For more information on buying a used stairlift, please see our dedicated advice guide.

How much more do curved stairlifts cost than straight stairlifts?

If you live in a house which has winding stairs - rather than a straight staircase - and have recently started struggling to negotiate them, the question of ‘how much is a curved stairlift?’ may well have crossed your mind.

It is important to note that curved stairlifts will usually cost more than stairlifts installed on straight staircases. The reasons for this are simple and, when the logistics involved are considered, fairly obvious: straight stairlifts can move up and down via a standard, ‘off-the-shelf’ track, whereas their curved equivalents require the creation and installation of unique and bespoke equipment.

As with all stairlifts, prices for the curved units and their installation can differ widely. The costs associated with manufacturing and fitting the correct track for a sizeable spiral staircase, for example, will obviously come to more than those for a staircase which is mainly straight but has a small bend at the top. For a personalised quote, it is recommended that you contact a reputable stairlift provider like Handicare and arrange a home visit to discuss your individual requirements.

How much does a stairlift cost installed?

If you are wondering how much stairlifts cost installed, as opposed to the equipment on its own, it must be considered that every home – and every stairlift user – is different. As alluded to above, there are a whole host of issues which need to be addressed before an installation price can be arrived at, from the width of the staircase in question to the user’s ability to operate a remote control and the potential for obstructions needing to be removed.

Although it is hard to say exactly how much your stairlift installation will cost before a home visit has been carried out, one thing is for sure: it will be worth every penny. Relying on anything other than the assistance of a trained professional could prove to be costly, time-consuming and even dangerous. Be sure to make the sensible choice and rely on a reputable stairlift provider to complete the job with the help of their expert team.

For information on financing a stairlift, please see our dedicated advice guide.

If you are wondering about the average cost of stairlifts in the UK, be sure to read this information. Here, all your questions regarding the cost of stairlifts will be answered.

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