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Stairlift Insurance & Aftercare

A stairlift can be a fantastic purchase for your home. Increasing your mobility around the house, it can boost your wellbeing by helping you regain your independence. So, it is incredibly important that you give it the aftercare that it deserves and continue to keep caring for your stairlift for years to come.  


Can I get stairlift insurance?

Each stairlift comes with a 2-year warranty as standard, including reconditioned stairlifts and straight and curved models, which covers the cost of replacement parts and labour whilst providing you peace of mind that there would be no extra cost to you if a problem were to arise. Additionally, Handicare also offer a stairlift extended warranty if necessary. Both of these warranties are provided by Handicare, so are not covered by insurance. However, like many items in the home, you can purchase insurance for your curved or straight stairlift for a further level of protection in case of damage or the need for a stairlift repairs. Please contact us for more information on the stairlift extended warranty or any other questions. 

When looking for stairlift insurance, it is important to think about the monthly costs and whether this is something that you can afford, and if there is an excess charge. There are various different policies available on the market, so you should look for one that has the right level of cover for you. This can range from accidental damage to electrical breakdown, so find an insurance provider that offers the level of protection necessary for your stairlift and nothing more.

For more information about financing a stairlift, take a look at the guide.

Stairlift insurance key takeaways

  • All stairlifts, including reconditioned and both straight and curved models, come with a standard 2-year warranty from Handicare.
  • The warranty covers replacement parts and labor, ensuring no extra costs for the customer in case of issues.
  • Handicare also offers an optional extended warranty for stairlifts.
  • These warranties are not covered by insurance but are specific offerings from Handicare.
  • A home insurance plan might be able to cover a stairlift.
  • Customers can purchase separate insurance for their stairlifts for additional protection against damage or repair needs.
  • When considering stairlift insurance, evaluate the monthly costs, potential excess charges, and ensure affordability.
  • Insurance policies vary, so it's important to choose one that provides the appropriate level of cover, from accidental damage to electrical breakdown.

Common problems with stairlifts

Having a stairlift installed can be life-changing, allowing you to gain a sense of independence when manoeuvring around your home. With this in mind, sometimes you may find that you are having problems with your stairlift which can cause a hindrance to your daily routine. Regularly checking your stairlift will allow you to recognise when it needs an MOT, with many problems easily corrected with a bit of maintenance or a call out from a Handicare expert.

When making a journey from one end of the stairs to the other, your swivel seat should return to its correct position, such as at the bottom of the stairs. If you’re finding that there is a problem with the seat, it could be a result of broken springs in the chair. In a situation such as this, an engineer should be called out to address the issue, with this being covered by your two-year warranty if still applicable. Handicare engineers are highly-skilled and strive to fix your problem in an efficient manner, making as little impact to your day and your home as possible.

My stairlift has stopped working, what do I do?

If you are finding that your stairlift has stopped working, this may not be a major problem and could be something as simple as the power switch is turned off, so check the power supply first to ensure that the stairlift is on and has power. Other common reasons for problems with stairlifts is that the key isn’t turned to the right position, the spur connection has tripped or that a fuse has been blown. All of these things can be quickly amended at home, but always get in contact if you’re not confident handling these situations alone. Take a look at the stairlift service and support page for more information.

Stairlift Upkeep

Top tips to keep your stairlift in great condition:

  • Dust your stairlift regularly or clean with a damp cloth
  • Deter pets from sitting on your stairlift
  • Keep the rail free of obstructions
  • Keep the track lubricated with Vaseline or a similar product
  • Do not let children use your stairlift

Many problems with your stairlift can be avoided by a bit of general upkeep. Tasks such as keeping the tracks dust-free will stop any obstructions from happening on the track, meaning that you can have a smooth journey. Handicare also recommend servicing your stairlift once a year to check that it is in good running order to prevent any future problems from happening.

How long do stairlift batteries last?

Your stairlift batteries will typically last between 3-5 years, although this may alter based on the frequency of use and whether or not the batteries are left without power for extended periods of time. The batteries use very little power per trip, so are inexpensive to run on a daily basis, with the cost of a replacement battery around £50. For more information on how stairlifts work, take a look at the dedicated guide.

Your stairlift batteries charge when left at the charging points. Although these are typically found at the top and bottom of your stairs for curved stairlifts, some models, such as the Age Co Stairlifts Simplicity series, have the ability to charge wherever they are left. However, your stairlift will alert you with both audio and visual signs if not left in the correct position.

Will my stairlift work in a power cut?

In the event of a power cut, your stairlift will continue to work for up to seven return trips, meaning that you will still be able to travel around your home. With this in mind, it is essential that the power supply to your stairlift is left on at all times to ensure that it has enough power as, if the batteries are left to fully drain, there is a possibility that they will need replacing.

Purchasing a stairlift can come with a variety of different questions. For more help and support, take a look at the stairlift tips and advice page, where there is a bank of information to help answer any queries you might have, including more about repairs and servicing.

After purchasing a stairlift, it is vital that it is kept in good condition. Minimise problems from arising by checking out questions about aftercare.

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