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Stairlift Rental

Stairlift rental is the concept of paying a monthly fee to a stairlift company in order to have use of a hire stairlift in your home. If you are having great difficulty getting up or down the stairs or are unable to use the stairs, then having a stairlift fitted is a practical solution to help you regain independence at home.

Renting a stairlift is an ideal option if you are recovering from an illness or procedure which temporarily incapacitates you from ascending or descending stairs. Another benefit of having a temporary stairlift for hire installed is if a relative or guest is staying with you who cannot use stairs.

Because of the monthly cost of renting a stairlift, the option to rent a stairlift only makes financial sense if it is for a short period of time.

Stairlift hire

Handicare does not offer stairlift rental. There are a number of companies that do offer stair lift rental in the UK and a number of reasons why one may wish to hire a stairlift. If you are not able to invest in the full cost of a stairlift in one go, then rental may be a feasible option.

However, it is worth noting that there are many stairlift finance options available and also the possibility of getting a free stairlift through a government grant. These finance options could negate the need to rent a stairlift.

It is also worth bearing in mind that once you begin renting a stairlift, its period of use and therefore your period of paying monthly rental fees may extend longer than the actual upfront cost of a new stairlift. This means you could end up paying far more for a rented stairlift than you would for a stairlift through Handicare.  

Whilst it is possible to rent curved stairlifts, most stairlift rental companies will only allow you to rent straight stairlifts. This is because straight stair lifts can be fitted onto any standard straight staircase and are also relatively easy to uninstall after the rental period is over. Curved stairlifts are usually custom-built to a staircase, this means that hardly any stairlift companies will offer them to rent, and will charge more to rent them.

Cost of UK stairlift rental

It is likely that the cost of stairlift hire could end up being much more expensive than the cost of purchasing a stairlift outright. Therefore, you should only consider stairlift rental if the lift is needed for a limited amount of time.

How much does it cost to hire a stairlift?

The cost of hiring a stairlift will depend on which company you decide to use. However, the cost of renting a straight stairlift should normally not exceed £10 a week. The cost of renting a curved stairlift is likely to have a significantly higher weekly fee.

The overall cost of renting a curved stairlift is likely to be significantly higher than the cost of a temporary straight stairlift. This is because curved stairlifts are custom-built to the staircase they are fitted to, meaning that it’s unlikely a curved stairlift can be reused after the rental period is over.

Therefore, the monthly rental cost of a curved stairlift will be very high, and it could make more financial sense to buy a curved stairlift outright. The only way that it would be more sensible to rent a curved stairlift rather than buying one would be if the lift was only needed for a very short period of time. Even so, in getting a rented stairlift installed, there is almost always an upfront cost which can be over £1,000.

Many companies that offer stairlift hire will also require you to agree to a set rental term, meaning even if your need for a stairlift is temporary, you could end up paying for more time than you need, and end up wasting money.

When you book a home visit, your Handicare specialist will be able to answer any questions you have about the installation process and the cost of your stairlift. 

Is renting a stairlift the right option for you? Stairlift rental is a sensible option for those in need of a temporary stairlift but may not be a feasible long-term option.

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