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A guide to different kinds of walk-in baths and showers

Type of Walk-in Showers

Here are some very popular walk-in showers that are great for people with limited mobility.

  • The Como - A high quality, full-sized, flat base bath that has a low entry point for easy access.
  • The Constance - A full-sized bath with an integral, low-level contoured seat that will be put in by the installation team. There are no hazardous catches or operating mechanisms that could health issues and accidents.
  • The Geneva - The Geneva walk-in bath comes in a compact design with an integral, moulded seat to help you stay upright. There are temperature-controlled mixer taps that come as standard.

Type of Walk-in baths

There are lots of walk-in tubs you can choose and here are some you might want to consider as they will improve your bathing experience.

  • The Gordale – If you are looking to build the perfect mobility bathroom, this model is perfect for replacing a conventional bath as it has a large showering area and suits most bathrooms. With a slip-resistant base and an in-built floor to ceiling post, it has lots of safety features.
  • The Ingleton – Available in a wide range of toughened glass doors and screens with chrome fixtures and fittings, this adds a bit of luxury to your bathroom. You can choose a new thermostatically controlled mixer or electric shower.
  • Wet Room walk-in showers – Perfect for wheelchair users or people that don’t want a step-in tray. There are lots of screen & door finishes.
  • The Hardraw – This comes in a variety of tray sizes with a generous selection of screens and doors available. It has safety features like a large showering area and a slip-resistant floor.
  • Shower Pods – Installing a walk-in shower like this is quick and it is great value for money. It has eight customisable options and you can add additions like grab rails and shower seats too.

The Pros and Cons of a Walk-in Tub and shower

As you can see there are lots of models to choose from with some models needing grab bars, some offering wheelchair access and others boasting other safety features. Here we briefly go through the pros and cons of a walk-in bath and a shower.


  • Helps people with mobility issues as there are sit in baths and sit-down shower models
  • They prevent slipping with grab bars and other features
  • They can raise the value of your home


  • It can sometimes take a while for a walk-in bath to fill up and drain
  • A full-length bath might be too big for your bathroom and you will need a half-length one

There is so much choice when it comes to a walk-in bath or walk-in shower that it is difficult to decide which model suits your needs best.

If you are looking for a new walk-in bath and shower, then you need to read this guide about the different types you can buy.

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