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How you can customise your lift design

For many, when looking into disability or accessibility aids in the home, the first thing that will often pop into mind is stairlifts, but for wheelchairs users who want a little more freedom to move around the house, a home lift might be the answer. Installing a home lift is a great way to future proof your home and gain independence with minimal building work required. Handicare home lifts are fully compliant with up-to-date building regulations and have no obtrusive side posts or tracks as you may get with stairlifts. These lifts can fit seamlessly into your home adding a modern yet functional feature as well as being a great alternative to a stairlift.

For those who may be concerned about how a home lift may look in your home, there are numerous adaptations and customisable options available to make the lift fit seamlessly into your home without interrupting your interior décor.

What comes as standard with a Handicare homelift?

The Handicare homelifts come with great features as standard on all lifts, including on those in the basic models.

Standard features:

  • Half-height/full-height vision panels and in-car LED lighting
  • Diagnostic display
  • Emergency lowering system
  • Wireless controls

Full details of features and specifications of all the models available can be found on the Handicare Homelifts page.

Ways you can customise your Handicare homelift:

If you want to upgrade on the standard features to customise your homelift, there are a great range of additional options to choose.


Bluetooth is a great optional extra for those with limited movement or those who often use the lift in a wheelchair. The Bluetooth options allow users to activate the lift without having to reach for lift buttons if they are struggling with items or are positioned further away in the lift.

Toughened glass

10mm toughened glass can be added to the lift to give the users that extra peace of mind when travelling up and down levels. The thicker glass is more resistant to breakages and cracks and can better handle heavy or aggressive movements. The toughened glass is a great addition for wheelchair users who may be worried about breaking the lift with their wheelchair when entering or exiting the lift.

High-speed motor

The addition of a high-speed motor to the lift provides a more powerful and faster motion when travelling between floors allowing a heavier weight to be lifted at a quicker speed. This option may be good for those who think they may be carrying more than one person in a lift on occasion.


Colour is a huge part of a home’s aesthetic, so this is often an optional extra that people choose to take. Many of the lift options come in light grey as standard but can come in other colours upon request. If grey doesn’t fit in with your home décor, then it is important for the lift to fit in as seamlessly as possible.

Powered door

A powered door is an option that could be beneficial to many. For those with limited mobility, opening a manual door may be tricky, so with the addition of the powered door you don’t need to worry about how you enter or exit the lift.

LCD display

For those that would prefer a digital display to manual buttons, then the LCD display upgrade may be a great option, making manoeuvring the lift easy and simple.

In-car telephone

An in-car telephone is an extra safety feature that is a great addition to any homelift. For those with limited mobility, being able to contact someone via a phone in an emergency is an invaluable lift addition.

The price of homelifts can vary greatly depending on the additional elements you add, but you should expect a price somewhere between £12,000 and £18,000. If you’re interested in having a homelift installed into your home, then Handicare Homelifts are one of the best places to get a home lift UK wide and these optional extras are great additions for those who may need them.

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