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4 ways technology can improve your home

23rd June 2022


Technology has significantly improved the way of life for many as it has got smarter and smarter over the last decade or so, and that includes the improvement of in-home technology. Our homes are often our sanctuaries, but as we get older or we feel we can’t move about the home as we once could, it may become more difficult to maintain independence.

In this article, we take a look at some of the ways that technology can improve your home, from helping people stay independent to improving safety and wellbeing, keep on reading to find out more.

You’ll be able to see who is at your door


One of the popular technology products on the market is the electronic, camera doorbell that allows you to see who is at your door. These smart doorbells will alert you when somebody is at your door and the built-in camera also allows you to see their face and interact with them if you wish to do so.

These doorbells are especially useful for those who may be elderly or use aids like internal home lifts and stair lifts as it means they do not need to leave their seat or get up quickly in order to answer. Jo Boyne, blogger at A Rose Tinted World recommended doorbells with live video features: “I think one of the best ways that technology can improve your home as you get older is by providing security and safety features that help you to stay safe in your own home. As you get older, you become more vulnerable to scammers and opportunistic criminals. Technology such as a doorbell with a live video feature and home security systems that can alert yourself to intruders or alert family members if you have a fall can help provide real peace of mind that you and your property are being looked after around the clock.”

You can control your home with your voice 


Voice-activated speakers are a home gadget that have become increasingly popular over the last 5-10 years and can have a huge impact on the way you use and control your home. Not only are these speakers great for playing music, but they can also be connected to a plethora of devices like lights, the TV and your phone and also used as a way to source information or speak to loved ones.

Kaz and Lily from The 3am Diary found these devices incredibly useful when she was recovering from an operation, she explained a little more about their benefit: “I was always quite dubious of in-home technology, and whether it would make a difference. However, it was following ankle surgery that I realised how narrow my views were, as they make the world so much more accessible to so many more people. You can switch on/off your lights with your voice or set a timer for cooking, which can really help for those with limited mobility or difficulty remembering things, along with easily finding out the weather or the news, simply by asking.”

She continued to explain a little more about how her parents found using their smart speaker in their home: “We bought an Alexa for my parents, and they now regularly use it for playing music or finding out the news, as well as setting alarms, as it is so simple to do without having to switch anything on or set up a computer to search for it. We also have lights linked to our devices which means we can switch them on without having to get up, which makes them more accessible, either by verbally asking for the lights to be on/off/dimmed, or simply on an app.”

We also spoke to Beth, blogger at Twinderelmo and she also recommended voice-activated speakers as a technological addition to the home, commenting: “Technology has made life as a busy family so much easier. From storing appointments on our Alexa to an app-controlled litter tray I think that technology makes our lives so much simpler. I would definitely recommend an Alexa that you can create a shopping list, find out the weather forecast and listen to your favourite songs and books. Not forgetting a good tablet that can help the kids with their homework and also watch a few episodes of their favourite show while I grab a hot cuppa and five minutes peace!”

Your bills might reduce 


With the addition of smart home technology, not only will it save you time, it allows you to use your home more efficiently and effectively, it could also have a positive impact on your bills. By using smart metres and voice-activated speakers, you’re more likely to turn off lights, gadgets, and the heating due to the simplicity of the process, as opposed to getting up and turning off each of the switches individually.

Smart devices can control all sorts of gadgets in the home, from appliances in the kitchen like the oven, microwave, and fridge, to items in the rest of the home like lights, heating, and TV.

Your safety and wellbeing will improve


Home technology can also have a positive impact on health and wellbeing. Not having to get up and sit down frequently and just having to move less around your home to turn switches on and off can allow those who use mobility aids to avoid unwanted pain and discomfort that they may otherwise feel.

Technology has had a massive and positive impact on everyday life and can make a multitude of tasks easier and more efficient. For more useful guides like this, take a look at our blog.

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