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5 wellbeing sites that can help create the new you

5th February 2019

This article highlights some of the very best websites and blogs that you should follow, which specialise in wellbeing and wellness. So, older people now know where they can turn for help when it comes to self-improvement and creating a happier and more productive future for themselves.

Older people are especially vulnerable to loneliness and social isolation. For some people with mobility problems who are unable to move around freely and need aids such as walk in baths and walking aids, resources to help with their happiness and wellbeing are really useful.

Here are the wellbeing sites that you should be following.


Through its evidence-based activities, games, and meditations, Happify helps people develop the skills and habits they need to overcome negative thinking, reduce stress and anxiety, and become more resilient so they can better manage life’s challenges.

Happify, which has approximately 3.5 million users, is designed to fit easily into people’s lives.  Even a few minutes a day, a couple days a week can make a big difference over time. Their platform is available via both web and app (iOS and Android), and the content is offered in eight different languages.

Happify was created for individuals of all ages to empower themselves to take care of their emotional wellbeing. Our 4-week tracks, featuring science-based activities and games, include topics that may be appealing to older adults, including how to embrace life as an empty nester, finding happiness in spite of a chronic illness, and getting better sleep.

Users have also taken advantage of Happify's Community features to make new friends and support and encourage each other on their happiness journey. Finally, Happify Daily, a content channel and daily newsletter, provides a morning mood lift with its inspirational articles, videos, quotes, and infographics.

Movement for Modern Life

Known as the ‘Netflix of Yoga’, Movement for Modern Life is the UK’s online yoga site and it offers thousands of video classes with the best teachers of movement, yoga and mindfulness in the UK and from around the world.

Yoga is known to improve your flexibility, muscle strength, posture and bone health and this is why older people with mobility problems are often encouraged to try the activity. With Movement for Modern Life you can enjoy a free 14-day trial and can make movement really accessible by trying yoga in your own home.

Speaking about the site, Kat says, “Movement for Modern Life is great for keeping us all active and mobile. We have gentle yoga classes for those seniors keeping mobile.”

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Healthista is an online health, wellness and fitness magazine for women. From workouts to complete in your own home to weight loss tips to arthritis relief, Healthista covers many different aspects surrounding health and fitness.

Olivia Hartland-Robbins, a writer for Healthista, told us why it’s a great site for older women to read.

“Healthista is a website for women of all ages. We have workouts, fitness and weight loss tips but also medical health information from many health and wellness experts. From information about pregnancy to signs and symptoms of many common health problems such as, vitamin D, iron or magnesium deficiency - Healthista is a great place to start when looking for the health and wellness advice you need.”

The Healthista site also shares recipes and diet plans for anyone that wishes to eat healthier or find out more about nutrition.

Wellbeing Resource

The Wellbeing Resource is an online directory for natural health and wellness practitioners, related businesses, articles and news about wellness and related events. You can find self-care ideas, techniques, & recipes to experiment within the comfort of your own home!

On their website, Wellbeing Resource, says, “We LOVE to share resources and knowledge, allowing all to be aware of the vast offerings available for mind, body, & spirit wellness and to have fun, while creating authentic, loving connections with others”

The site also allows people to connect with others and to share their experiences through their site.


At Healthtalk older people will be able to find information and support for a variety of health issues through people’s real-life experiences.

The site has a collection of videos from people who share their experiences, and this helps you to understand what it is like to suffer from a certain health condition.

No matter what health condition you suffer from, the Healthtalk website will be able to share information and resources that can help you. From skin conditions, later life health to disability and impairment or bone and joint issues, there are a wide range of interviews you can listen to.

The advice on this site can help you to make decisions about treatment, talking to your friends and family, issues like money and travel, emotional wellbeing and the impact on your work.

Here we’ve rounded up the top five wellbeing and wellness sites you should start reading and added some extra ones that are popular too:

Image credit: rawpixel, Ashley Whitlatch (Unsplash)

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