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9 Mobility Twitter accounts to follow

30th October 2014

Older people may not be the first group of individuals that you think of when it comes to being active on social media, but this is a view that is changing at an increasing rate. A growing number of older people and those who struggle with their mobility are using Twitter and such social media sites to stay up to date with the latest news that relates to them, and to interact with people in a similar position.

As Britain faces an ageing population, one of the primary concerns is loneliness, often caused by reduced mobility or the mortality of a partner. While mobility aids such as home stair lifts and mobility scooters can go a long way towards the restoration of elderly independence, the internet is proving that getting online is another way to better connect this generation and overcome physical difficulties.

Here we have listed some of the top elderly and mobility Twitter accounts you should be following right now.

1. @EndLonelinessUK

The Campaign to End Loneliness behind the Twitter account @EndLonelinessUK offers information and advice about elderly loneliness. From shocking statistics and increased awareness of this subject to resources and ways to get involved, their site is incredibly interesting and relevant to all generations.

Their Twitter account offers similar information to their site that is both up to date and looks to get their followers involved, directly speaking to their audience, such as in the below Tweet that encourages readers to get involved in a survey on charities for the elderly that directly affects older people.

Are you 65+? We need your help with a survey that helps charities measure how helpful their services are. Pls tweet/email for a survey link!

— End Loneliness (@EndLonelinessUK) October 27, 2014


2. @ageingnews

Ageing News is a fantastic example of a blog that is almost more active on social media than it is via its website. Their blog regularly features interesting articles that directly relate to older readers and their Twitter account regularly features relevant news posts from around the web, including this Tweet showing how the older generation is equally active and important on social media with this viral video on loneliness.

Elderly man's story of why he dines alone goes viral: Pensioner pictured at table with… #news #ageing

— ageing news (@ageingnews) October 29, 2014


3. @theNBFA

Having already featured in this previous article, the NBFA website is a hugely beneficial organisation for the elderly and their Twitter account is no exception. With regular posts and information as well as restyling the old-fashioned quiz in new media, as shown below, their Twitter account actively looks to include the older internet user through their interactive and informative Tweets.

Sweet prizes for winners of our general knowledge quizzes. Get those memories and brains working! #nbfaRespite

— NBFA (@theNBFA) October 29, 2014


4. @OlderPeoplesDay

Older People’s Day may only come once a year on the 1st October, but their Twitter account is active year round. They regularly update their followers on the latest events and work they have done and post general ‘good mood’ messages – they really are an enjoyable and heart-warming account to follow.

They also like to interact with the followers, such as in the below Tweet where they are involving their audience in topics that matter to them and asking for their views.

We're working on our subjects for themed months in 2015 on our #OlderPeoplesDay website - is there a theme you'd like us to cover? Tell us!

— Older People's Day (@OlderPeoplesDay) October 29, 2014


5. @BigIfOlderPeop

The dedicated older people Twitter account for the Big Lottery Fund is a particularly worthy Twitter account to follow. Here you can find out about the great funded projects that may affect you and your area, as below, and read a collection of interesting news stories and posts that matter to you.

Cash boost for #Grimsby group to spread the word

— Older People (@BiglfOlderPeop) October 20, 2014


6. @TheNatCareline

Another great account to follow for up to date news and features is the National Careline. Worthy of following as an older person, family member or carer, their posts are relevant and regular. Their Twitter account follows in the same vein as that of their website, whereby they offer information and support related to older people’s issues.

The below example shows how they depict relevant news all of the time.

Elderly people and families being lulled into false sense of security re. how the new cap on care funding will work.

— TheNationalCareline (@TheNatCareline) October 20, 2014


7. @AgeActAlliance

The Age Action Alliance website is a network in itself, therefore its Twitter account works to connect older people and those who care about them together in one place where they can read and engage with news and events that are relevant to them. Take a look at the below Tweet that shows up to date events and opportunities to get involved in.

This week's members' update is jam packed with updates and opportunities to get involved.

— Age Action Alliance (@AgeActAlliance) October 27, 2014


8. @50plusinfobus

People may be used to reading interesting and topical news stories and features on the 50 Plus Info Bus website, but their Twitter account is even more up to date and full of extra information that you may not get from the website alone. The below is just another great example of how they post regular relevant news updates.

Over 50s News: Helen Mirren for LOr

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