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91-year-old Thai lady completes Uni degree

11th September 2017

A 91-year-old Thai grandmother has shown everyone that it is never too late to follow your dreams after she completed her bachelor's degree after more than 10 years of work.

Even if an older person suffers from a mobility problem and needs aids such as an easy-to-use stair lift to get around the home or a walking stick when out and about, achieving your dream can still be done as Kimlan Jinakul from the north of Thailand proves as she needs a wheelchair to get around.

She had always dreamed of going to university, but never had the opportunity to do so as a young girl as her family moved to Bangkok and she got married. After seeing most of her children successfully pass through university she decided to finish her studies, which were curtailed for a few years after one of her daughters tragically died.

During her years of studying Kimlan Jinakul would follow a strict daily routine that saw her get up early in the morning, give alms to Buddhist monks and visit a temple in the local area before sitting down and studying.

It’s never too late to succeed

Speaking to the BBC, Kimlan Jinakul, discussed her secret to success and why it is never too late for people to succeed.

She says, “It's never too late. My mind is always awake and sharp for learning.

“This world never stops. There are always new problems for us to solve. If there were no new sciences, the world would stop prospering.

“When I told myself to finish one chapter, I would try my best to do so. I underlined all the key points I needed to memorise. And that's what helped me during my study reviews.”

Following on from her graduation Kimlan has said she now intends to look after her grandchildren.

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