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Accessible taxis supported in Stroud

30th May 2014

Stroud District Council is making a move to further support those in the area with mobility difficulties by reducing the tax cost to taxi drivers who can cater for wheelchairs. The District Council is to half the cost of taxi licences in the area for all vehicles that can accommodate wheelchair users, making the area far more accessible for those who rely on stair lifts and other such mobility aids to get around.

It is hoped that this change to the taxing of taxis will encourage more drivers to make their vehicles suitable for those with mobility issues and see more home electric stair lift users embracing travel and the great outdoors.

Taxi license costs

As it stands, the cost of a new taxi license sets the driver back £150 in the Stroud area with annual renewals totalling £120 each year. However, under the new costs, drivers could see this figure halved should they drive a vehicle that can accommodate wheelchairs and walking mobility aids. The license fee is set to be cut by 50 per cent for such drivers from the 1st June until the 30th May 2015.

Not letting standards slip, the District Council are ensuring that to qualify for the reduced license costs, taxi drivers must adhere to Stroud District Council safety criteria. Currently, there are just two taxi companies that can cater for wheelchairs in the Stroud area and only three private hire vehicles, so it is hoped that this new license cost for such drivers will encourage more to follow suit.

The 12-month trial is a step in the right direction for many as they hope it will increase the number of vehicles accessible by the elderly and those with to work in addition to the area’s VCA Stroud (Voluntary and Community Action) ring and ride transport service, which is also suitable for wheelchairs.

While Stroud is still waiting for more taxis and vehicles to become suitable for those with mobility difficulties, there are still plenty of options available from Handicare’s range of level access walk in showers and baths and rise and recliner chairs to restore independence in the home.

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