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Age-defying fashion icons

8th June 2021


Fashion is something many people are passionate about their whole lives, even as they get older and rely on mobility aids like stair lifts and walk in baths. Everyone has to contend with fashion every day, whether they realise it or not and the industry is bigger now more than ever due to online shopping booms over the last year or so.

There have been icons of the fashion world for years and some of them are more famous now than they ever have been. This article delves into their lives and explores some of the reasons they are at the forefront of the fashion world even as they get a little older.

Fashion icons infographic

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George Clooney


Born in 1961 and the youngest of the line-up at 60, George Clooney is a fashion icon and has been applauded for his sense of style and smart looks for years. He has played huge acting roles in the likes of The Oceans Franchise, Batman & Robin and Gravity.

Peter Brooker Editor at From Tailors with Love explains a little more about George Clooney and his style: “Ever since Costume Designer Betsy Heimann instilled a flash of red silk to the glen check jacket of Jack Foley in Out of Sight, I have been a keen admirer of almost anything George Clooney wears. Off-screen, with Clooney, there is never a misstep. There is nothing slovenly with George. Even as the wealthy Land Baron louche, swanning around in Hawaiian shirts in The Descendants, there is still something disarming about his style. He oozes wealth, indefatigable charm all the while sheathed predominately in Armani.”

As Peter describes, Clooney’s style is a combination of elegance, charm and decadence and is always at the forefront of the paparazzi cameras on the red carpet.

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Jeff Goldblum


At 68, Jeff Goldblum is as iconic now as he was in his younger days. Born in 1952 in Pennsylvania he started his career in 1974 and has starred in some of the highest-grossing films of all-time, including Jurassic Park and Independence Day.

“Jeff Goldblum has quietly been a style icon all his life on-and-off screen,” says fashion blogger Carl Thompson. He continues: “Jurassic Park paved the way for early nineties men-in-their forties to stop dressing like palaeologists and more like chaos theorists. Leather jackets were no longer for middle-aged men with a crisis to swerve, it just became fashionable again. Now he’s an icon. He has great hair, a winning smile, been on the front cover of GQ magazine and most importantly, his style is achievable.”

He is iconic for his choice of floral, brightly patterned shirts and contrasting colours, a style that has recently been re-introduced and re-purposed.

Steven Tyler


Lead singer in the rock band Aerosmith, 78-year-old Steven Tyler has always been known for his edgy, grungy and punk style. Born in 1948, Steven has also been an actor and former television personality and is known in the industry as the ‘Demon of Screamin’.

At the height of the band’s success, Tyler was known for his bright and colourful outfits and iconic scarfs that often hang from his microphone stand. He can often be seen adorned with jewels, showing his extensive range of tattoos and dark, deep colours.

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Dame Helen Mirren


A female legend in her own right, Dame Helen Mirren was knighted in 2013 for her services to drama but has been at the forefront of our TV screens for years. She has played huge roles in some of the world's biggest grossing films, including The Queen, Red and Hitchcock to name just a few.

Her style has always been elegant but classic and colourful. She loves pastel colours, bejewelled gowns and embellished accessories. Her creative flair is often expressed through her hair choices as she has often been seen with pink and blonde bob cuts that accompany her stunning looks.



When someone says ‘fashion icon’ one of the names that most commonly comes up is Twiggy. Known for her iconic black and white modelling images of the 60’s she actually only modelled for a short time between 1965 and 1970 when she was in her twenties. She has since dabbled in acting and singing but remains known for her fashionable style.

Emma Campbell, the blogger behind the Powder Rooms loves twiggy and explains why in a little more detail: “Twiggy is the ultimate style icon and I believe she has set so many standards within fashion that we look up to today. The way she pulled off the classic ’60s shift dresses and made mini dresses look fabulous is iconic. She always had that touch of ’80s glam style, where big lashes and short-cropped hair paired perfectly with elongated leggy dresses. The straight, shift style dress will always have a nod to Twiggy! She also introduced a relaxed, menswear-inspired ’90s look with baggy shirts and flare trousers, allowing women to feel like they can look glamorous in both feminine and masculine items.”

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Sir Ian McKellen


The face of Lord of The Rings among other films, Sir Ian McKellen was born in 1939 in Burnley. At the age of 81, he is still sporting floral prints and fashionable accessories and has done since his career started in theatre productions in 1981.

He has since starred in Beauty and The Beast, Mr Holmes and The Wolverine among other iconic films and is known for playing big and flamboyant characters. He is now a stalwart of the Royal Shakespeare Company and the National Theatre of Great Britain and continues to dedicate his life to British entertainment.

Carmen Dell’Orefice



The American supermodel and actress is now known as being the world’s oldest working supermodel at the age of 89. Carmen Dell’Orefice was born in 1931 in New York City and was featured on the cover of Vogue at the age of just 15, she has been modelling ever since.

Her modelling story started when she was 13 after being scouted as she was on her way to ballet class, and she hasn’t stopped since. Her high fashion looks and elegant style have graced red carpets and catwalks for decades and still inspire designers and other models’ day-to-day.

Baddie Winkle


Helen Ruth Elam or as she is alternatively known Baddie Winkle is the oldest face on this line-up at 92, she is known for her bold and brash outfits that she posts on her social media channels. She became an internet star at the age of 85 and has now amassed 3.5 million followers on Instagram.

She often collaborates with well-known stars and celebrities on her channel making videos and posting pictures. Her style is young and bold, and she can often be seen starring fur, glitters and neon colours.

These are just some of the icons that have shaped the fashion world into what it is today and continue to inspire fashionistas every day. To find more articles like this then head to the news page here.

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