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Airports follow Dublin’s lead in accessibility

31st January 2017


Dublin airport has made enormous headway that has finally been recognised in the world of accessibility. Last year, the international airport received the inaugural Accessible Airport Award at ACI Europe’s Best Airport Awards held in Athens last June. Dublin was also shortlisted in the Best Large Airport category, but lost out to Heathrow.

The renovations made to Dublin airport were to prepare for its milestone birthday in 2015. After receiving over 25 million passengers in its 75th year, the airport felt the need to be more accessible and inclusive. After the changes were made, the amount of complaints filed were well under the European average, less than 20 of them physiological complaints. 

Dublin airport now includes privacy rooms (also known as dignity rooms) as well as dog relief rooms, induction loops among the standard adapted facilities, accessible car parks, set down areas and special assistance that has set them above the rest.

The staff training is what they believe is key to their success along with the technology that allows each assistance request to be assigned to appropriately trained and qualified agents. 

Lanarca International Airport in Cyprus was highly recommended in the Accessible Airport category and this continued trend for professional and tailor-made service may forever alter the way people with limited mobility view international travel. Even local travel can be difficult for those who have restricted mobility and many people are loathe to leave the comfort of their own stairlifts and other aids for a slim chance of escalators or lifts. While this is a problem that is slowly being addressed, Dublin airport is showing both foresight and inclusivity that is richly rewarded.

This is a fantastic achievement in the area of accessibility, there is hope that more than just the facilities are brought into other airports and that the customer service can continue to be offered at such a high standard.

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