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Barclays introduces new in-branch technology to help those with disabilities

18th December 2014

Barclays has begun to introduce a new technology to its branches to help assist those with accessibility requirements. The bank has partnered with the innovative company Beacon technology in order to create Barclays Access, which will notify staff by an iPad when a customer with accessibility needs has entered the branch, such as those who use stairlifts at home.

In order for this to occur, those with disabilities will be required to supply relevant information via an iPhone app, as well as uploading a photo that will help staff to identify them. Then, when entering the branch, the bank’s colleagues will be notified by the Bluetooth technology.

Improving in-branch experiences for the disabled and elderly

The three-month trial has already begun at the Pinstone Street branch in Sheffield, in response to a customer from the same branch. This will mean that those with disabilities will not have to explain their needs over and over again, saving more time and reducing the frustration of those having to repeat themselves regularly. The process will also be particularly useful for those with non-visible difficulties, who may go unnoticed and be too shy to ask for assistance.

This is just one aspect of Barclay’s recent efforts to make their branches more accessible to those with disabilities, in a move that also supports numerous other banks’ efforts to respond to the ageing generation. This includes high visibility debit cards and audio-enabled ATMs, as well as staff wearing simulation suits in order to highlight the challenges the elderly and disabled may face when entering a branch. The company also has a team of digital eagles, which teaches members of the elderly community how to use the internet.

A number of other stores in the UK have also been using Beacon technology, such as Waitrose and Tesco, who have been trialling in-store offers and alerts.

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