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Beauty tips for older women to follow

2nd July 2018

Older women still want to look as fabulous in their 60s and 70s as they did in their 20s and 30s, and there are lots of beauty tips and golden rules to get the most out of makeup.

Some people might think that their best years are behind them and that instead of looking good should now just be thinking about adapting their home for later life. But whilst browsing stair lifts for the elderly is a good idea for older people suffering from mobility problems, a person shouldn’t let age hold them back from the joys of makeup.

Here are some great beauty tips for older women from expert beauty and makeup bloggers.

Have a strict five-step skincare routine

The skin forms a natural protective barrier that as we age becomes less effective and can become more prone to dryness. However, there are a few simple skin care strategies that older women can follow, including a strict five-step skincare routine recommended by Gransnet.

“Having a strict five-step skincare routine is essential to retaining your glow as you get older. Start by finding out what skin type you have (dry, oily, combination) and buy products to suit, then be diligent about applying toner, facial serum, eye cream, moisturiser and facial oil - in that order. If you wear makeup, grab yourself a decent primer (this avoids your makeup sliding off during the day), colour corrector and lipstick in 'your shade', as these are the holy grails in your cosmetic bag.

“Remember that when it comes to foundation, the heavier it is, the more drying it will feel and look on your skin so go for the less is more approach. Discovering the best shades for your skin tone and how to apply products correctly will also help you achieve that photo-ready finish. For instance, never wear a mauve lipstick if you're especially pale and don't over-line your lips.”

Valora Abbett, who runs the Natural Makeup Review site, agrees that it is important for older women to have a skincare routine, “Having a healthy complexion is important at any age. The way to ensure that your skin always looks great is to have a consistent skincare routine in place that includes SPF. Not taking proper care of your skin can lead to conditions such as acne, sun damage, and can even advance and worsen the signs of ageing. So keeping your complexion clean, clear, and glowing is paramount to staying beautiful. Find the products that work best for your skin and stick with them. If you are not sure which products to use a visit to your local aesthetician for a skincare consultation can help. They will be able to evaluate the current condition of your skin and advise you on the exact products that will produce the results you want.”

Use makeup to restore colour and definition

Tricia Cusden Founder & CEO of Look Fabulous Forever recommends older people to use makeup to restore colour and definition.

“I launched my business Look Fabulous Forever in order to help older women to feel good about their ageing faces. We have a strong ‘pro’ rather than ‘anti’ ageing message. My beauty tips would be to think in terms of using makeup to restore colour and definition to your face.

“A good foundation will even the skin tone as long as it is formulated to do so without looking mask-like.

“Primers for the face, eyes and lips will help makeup to look smoother and stay put for longer.

A beautiful pink-toned blusher will bring the whole face to life by adding soft and subtle colour.

“Use eye makeup to enhance the eyes. Start with the brows and give them definition and shape. Then use matte shadows to shape eyes and make them look bigger and brighter. Finish with mascara.

“Lipstick is a must - and don't be afraid of a strong colour which can look wonderful especially with white to grey hair!”

Keep Makeup Simple

The Natural Makeup Review’s Valora Abbett says older people should try to keep their makeup simple as it can look too harsh.

“Leave the glittery, shimmery makeup and heavy contouring out of your makeup routine as you get older and opt for a simpler fresh glowing look instead. Choose cream-based products over powders as these will sit better on your skin and help disguise fine lines and any skin discoloration you may have. Heavy eye makeup will look harsh and out of place, so go for light neutrals instead with a touch of mascara. A rosy cheek and lip will add just the right pop of colour to your face and provide a healthy more youthful appearance.”

Use a little pencil on your eyebrows

It’s true that eyebrows can get sparse as we age, but one way to fix thin eyebrows is to use a little brown or black brow pencil.

Older people with thin eyebrows are recommended to use eyebrow pencils that are a shade or two down as it’s better to have some definition than just a line.

Another product that is also popular is brow gel as this can be used to set your brow pencil, feather your brows or to add some colour.

Use revitalising shampoo on hair

Hair can thin, become duller and be more prone to breaking over time and this is why many experts suggest using revitalising shampoo to counter thinning hair.

Your hair is a barometer for what’s happening in your body. A healthy diet and doing more activities to relieve stress can keep your hair looking fabulous.

A new hairstyle can also give you a new lease of life, as a stylish new cut and highlights can take years off your look, and is often be easier to manage.

Makeup is a quick & easy way to look better & boosts confidence

Tricia Cusden from Look Fabulous Forever thinks makeup does more than just make your skin glow and believes it can improve a person’s wellbeing.

“I would suggest that the daily ritual of caring for your appearance increases feelings of well-being. We live in a very ageist society that makes women, in particular, feel invisible. What better way to increase visibility than applying some beautiful makeup!”

The Natural Makeup Review’s Valora Abbett also thinks makeup helps with self-esteem and boosts confidence in older people.

“It's important for self-esteem and to help boost confidence and just for your own self-pride. There was this thought process going around that beauty fades and older people are no longer attractive. This is completely untrue and just a bunch of nonsense. We all age. It's inevitable and there is no way around it, but this doesn't mean that you can't still be beautiful and attractive. Just look at actress Helen Mirren. She is in her early 70's and looks fabulous! She has a better bikini body than some women in their 20's and 30's. The key is to just take care of yourself. Don't go into agreement with letting yourself go just because you are getting older. Even if you have a physical disability - maintain your beauty routine, eat right, and exercise as much as you can and you will look great.”

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