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Best hobbies to take up from a seated position

18th September 2023


For those who can’t spend as much time on their feet as they used to, it's important to find hobbies that you can still enjoy. Whether you have a temporary injury or a permanent disability, just because you are sitting down doesn’t mean you can’t be engaged in some fun activities. This guide highlights just some of the many options available, showing you that there are plenty of great hobbies to get immersed in no matter your situation.


Ask anyone who enjoys knitting, and they will wax lyrical about their love of this relaxing hobby. People who enjoy being creative or who gain satisfaction from making things will love what knitting offers. You can make all sorts of lovely things for yourself or as presents for friends and family. Further still, knitting can be incredibly therapeutic. People love this hobby as it's such a relaxing thing to do while sitting in front of the TV or when listening to the radio.

Speaking about some of the benefits of knitting, Katia from the knitting blog Katia Yarns, shares: “Knitting and crocheting produce happiness, increase self-confidence and help create a sense of well-being. They can also help change your mood. Like all creative activities, they feed your imagination and artistic side. They also have a practical side and foment the concept of a ‘job well done’. That’s why you can get hooked on knitting and crocheting.”

There are plenty of beginner’s guides available if you fancy getting stuck in, as well as video tutorials. However, if you know someone who already knits, ask them to come around and teach you. It can be a lovely social activity in that way as well. 



If you have been looking for a new hobby that doesn’t require you to be up and about, nothing will pass the time better than a good book. Even if you haven’t been a big reader in the past, now might be when books really click with you.

You’ve just got to find the right book or topic. Fiction is the obvious place to start, as it's so easy to get wrapped up in a well-told story. However, you might find non-fiction is more your speed. Think about what topics interest you, whether it's history or sport, science or anything else. Maybe a good autobiography is right for you. Another good way to get into books is to read the source material for a favourite movie or TV show.

So, check out some of the best seller lists, such as this one on Amazon, or ask friends and family for some recommendations.

Audiobooks are excellent reading tools, and their accessibility makes them perfect for people with visual difficulties or who find it uncomfortable to hold a book. Audiobooks are not only an inclusive and accessible solution for readers, they allow people to experience books in an entirely new way.

There are many free audiobooks available, and they are now just as common as a physical book.

Puzzles and games

Puzzles are a great way to stimulate the brain, and with the wide variety of games available to play, there is no excuse for getting bored.

Sitting at a table or with a large flat tray on your lap, you can spend many an afternoon putting together the pieces of a puzzle. Puzzles also come in a variety of sizes, so you can make things more challenging for yourself if need be.

Board games are a lot of fun to enjoy with friends and family, especially if you have any grandchildren coming to visit. But if you want something to enjoy by yourself, there are plenty of options. Solitaire can be engrossing and you can play endless online games on your phone, computer, or tablet. Try something like Worldle, for example, a game where you have to guess the name of a country by looking at its shape.

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Arts and crafts 


Have you enjoyed drawing or painting in the past? Why not rediscover that hobby now and start creating some lovely pieces. All you need is a pad of paper, a pencil, some paints, and a brush; you can even create digital art on your tablet.

Or how about model building? You can send off for all sorts of model building sets, allowing you to build things like cars, planes, and ships.

The list goes on, as you can also spend time making creations out of felt, yarn, and card. If you've got the tools, patience and imagination, almost any material can be put to good use. Take a look at this list of crafting ideas for adults and see if it inspires you to take up this beloved hobby.

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Playing an instrument

If you have always wanted to learn how to play an instrument, it’s never too late and there are many instruments that you can enjoy playing in a seated position. Music can bring wonderful joy to a person’s life, and the satisfaction from having learned such a skill will be reward enough.

You could take up the guitar, piano, harp, violin, harmonica, flute, trumpet, saxophone and loads more instruments. It’s really down to what you think you would enjoy playing. Once you have picked an instrument, you can arrange to take lessons – there may even be instructors that will come directly to your home. Or you can try teaching yourself using video tutorials and instructional books.



A peaceful and relaxing hobby that many people enjoy is stargazing. The night sky can be incredibly beautiful, especially if you can escape the light pollution. On a clear night, you can gaze up and see all manner of stars and constellations.

With a decent telescope, you can start to learn about all the different lights in the night sky, figuring out where the planets are and enjoy the magic of seeing a shooting star. If you live in a quiet, rural area, you will have the best opportunities for stargazing, but even those in urban environments can enjoy the hobby.

The website Go Stargazing is a great resource for those looking to get into the hobby, offering loads of tips and advice, including the best time to go stargazing. Neill Sanders from Go Stargazing has kindly shared his thoughts about this great hobby:

“Stargazing is a fantastic hobby for several reasons. Stargazing enables you to connect with the vastness of the Universe and gain a sense of perspective. It can be awe-inspiring to contemplate the billions of stars, galaxies, and other celestial objects that exist beyond our planet.

“Observing the night sky can be a serene and calming experience. It offers an opportunity to unwind, escape the hustle and bustle of daily life, and appreciate the beauty of the natural world. In addition, learning the names of the brightest stars and identifying constellations is good fun. Once you know just a few objects in the night sky, you’ll find yourself looking up every time you step outside.”

Neill also offers some advice for beginners: “You don’t need an expensive telescope to stargaze. Begin just using your eyes and start by identifying prominent constellations like the Great Bear (Plough) and Cassiopeia, which are visible all year round.  

“There are numerous free mobile apps available that can help you navigate the night sky. Mobile apps like SkyView and SkySafari provide real-time information on stars, planets, constellations, and even satellites.

“10x50 binoculars are an excellent tool for beginner stargazers. They offer a wider field of view compared to telescopes, making it easier to locate and observe celestial objects.

“Stargazing from a dark sky location is better; from a location free from light pollution, you can expect to see 2,500 stars just with your naked eye. However, travelling to a dark sky site is not necessary, the best place to stargaze is the easiest place for you to get to. Even from our towns and cities, you can still see about 200 stars, the Moon, most planets and some of the brightest deep sky objects, including nebulae, star clusters and galaxies.”

Finally, Neill advises: “Consider joining a local astronomy club or group. These communities often organise stargazing events, offer guidance for beginners, and provide access to telescopes or other equipment.

“Remember, stargazing is a journey of exploration and wonder. Take your time, enjoy the process, and let the beauty of the night sky inspire you. Happy stargazing.”


The past is an endless source of fascination, and when it pertains to your own family history, digging into it can be an engrossing hobby. Genealogy is the practice of discovering where a person came from, and many people spend countless hours assembling their family trees, researching long-lost relatives, and finding out interesting details about ancestors from generations ago.

Judith Batchelor is a professional genealogist and writes about family history on her blog at GenealogyJude. She has shared what she loves about genealogy and her advice for beginners:

“Genealogy is a fascinating hobby because it gives you a personal insight into history. You can discover who your ancestors were and what their lives were like in the past. In the process, perhaps you can identify some of the traits that you have inherited from them. You may even find a new-found appreciation of your own life when you look at the struggles that they went through. Tracing your family tree is also great fun, and one never runs out of interesting stories to investigate.

“See if you have any old letters, photographs or family papers tucked away that can get you started. I would then recommend taking out a free trial with one of the big genealogy websites, such as Ancestry or FindmyPast, as these websites have good collections of UK records. It would be fascinating to find your family in the 1921 or 1911 census. Your local public library may also offer free access.” 

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Hobbies to enjoy when sitting down

  • Knitting
  • Reading
  • Puzzles and games
  • Arts and crafts
  • Playing an instrument
  • Stargazing
  • Genealogy

As you can see, there are some fantastic hobbies that can be enjoyed from a sitting position, allowing you to enjoy time spent at home even when you are not able to be on your feet. So, consider some of the above and discover your new favourite hobby.

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