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Best items to help in your kitchen

24th July 2017

Being able to get around the kitchen is vital for older people wanting to stay independent as it means that they are able to prepare and cook their meals without needing a carer or relative to help them.

While there are lots of modern used stair lifts available to help older people stay independent, not a lot is known about the array of gadgets that are available in the kitchen.

Here we take you through all the different items that can help older people in the kitchen; from talking thermometers to special stirring utensils.

Kettle and Teapot Tipper

The kettle and teapot tipper can help older people lift a heavy kettle or teapot and help them pour water more safely and easily.

The teapot tipper can hold a kettle securely in place so there is no need to lift it and the user can then just tip the water effortlessly into a mug. Another great design is the fact the kettle tipper can be used with all kettle types.

Colourworks collapsible colander from Wayfair

Wayfair sell a Kitchen Craft Colourworks Collapsible Colander and this clever invention is perfect for draining hot and cold items. It comes in a variety of colours meaning that it can co-ordinate with other items in the kitchen.

Speaking about the colander, Nadia McCowan Hill, Resident Style Adviser at Wayfair UK, says, “This colander is very light, and the grip handles allow for easy use. Plus, the collapsible function makes it a great space saver.”

The ETAC Bread Cutting Board and ETAC Fix Preparation Board

The ETAC Bread Cutting Board is a great gadget as it makes it easier for those with poor hand function or impaired vision to cut food. No matter whether it's steak or bread, the transverse bar can be altered to change the thickness of the slice and the knife can fit in the guides for safe, straight cutting.

The ETAC Fix Preparation Board aids tasks such as cutting, grating, peeling and whisking and gives users extra power and precision. The preparation board is a great help for people who only have the use of one hand or suffer from weakness in both. The product’s clamp holds bowls, graters or a piece of food in place, while the board's small plate with spikes can hold smaller pieces of food. The board also has four anti-slip feet and suction pads.

The Dycemr Jar Opener

The Dycemr Jar Opener offers older people a simple and effective way to open and fasten jar lids and with its non-slip dycem, which grips to the lid, it allows the user to open the jar easier.

The opener doesn’t stick to the jar, can fit any size lid and is small enough to carry around in a pocket or bag.

Lakeland's Toastabag, Vegetable Spiralizer and EdgeKeeper Kitchen Scissors

The Lakeland Toastabag makes it easy to rustle up a tasty toastie as each bag can be reused up to 500 times!

All the user has to do is to prepare a sandwich, pop it into the bag and then place it in the toaster to make a delicious meal.

The Lakeland Vegetable Spiralizer allows older people to transform their five-a-day into spaghetti-style spirals and ribbons that are perfect for salads. This healthy, quick-cook alternative to pasta is really easy to make with the spiralizer as raw vegetables like carrots, courgettes and sweet potatoes can just be fed in and it produces twisty, twirling strands that can be cooked in no time.

The spiralizer was initially released during the spring of 2015, but has now been improved with the additions of improved suction feet, sharper blades and the veg holder being made more robust. The gadget is safe and easy to use and encourages people of all ages to eat healthier foods.

The EdgeKeeper Kitchen Scissors with Sharpener from Lakeland boasts a protective sheath that has a built-in sharpener on the side to help keep the blade sharp and making it easier for older people to cut in one free-swish of the knife.

By drawing the blades through the in-built EdgeKeeper after every use, people can keep the knife in great condition, making them safer to use. The soft grip handles of the knife make it easy for people to use and to clean.

The knives from Lakeland can be put in the dishwasher, come with a 25-year guarantee and make tasks such as slicing, dicing, peeling and chopping much easier.

Talking Food Thermometer

The easy-to-use talking food thermometer from RNIB announces the temperature of the food in Fahrenheit or degrees Celsius as well as displaying it on an LCD display in 42 point font to make it easy to read.

The metal probe measures 12.5cm in length and it automatically powers off after 10 minutes and has a battery life in standby mode of 4,000 hours. The temperature range of the thermometer ranges from minus 50 and 300 degrees Celsius and minus 58 and 572 degrees Fahrenheit.

This talking thermometer is great for older people as they can easily read or listen to the temperature of their food, ensuring that their meal is properly cooked.

Talking Kitchen Scale

Sticking with the talking theme, the Digital Scales Company has created a Talking Kitchen Scale called the Vox 2 Evo.

The scales have been designed in conjunction with the National Council for the Blind and features large soft touch buttons. Older people and others suffering from impaired vision can listen to the scales, which speak in English, French, German and Spanish.

The scales weigh up to 5,000g to an accuracy of 1g and it even has a tare function for weighing foods in containers. The Vox 2 features a stainless-steel platform and is powered by 4 AA batteries and an auto off function to preserve energy.

üutensil stir and Spudnik

The Stirr is a great extra pair of hands in the kitchen as it helps stir things so the user doesn't have to.

A spokesperson for üutensil stir, says, "If you’re looking for something a bit more specific to your topic I’d say that The Stirr is really good for taking the effort out of any task that takes a lot of stirring, so sauces, gravy’s, custards and even making fudge are all made a lot easier with a Stirr. üutensil take a look at each kitchen preparation task from first principles and work out the most efficient way of solving that particular job. All our products are designed in-house in the UK by people passionate about cooking."


The Pantelligent is another great item older people can use in the kitchen as users can download an app onto their mobile phone and the frying pan’s temperature sensors can then talk to the app so users know when to flip a steak, fish, egg or another type of food.

The Pantelligent also informs people about when to stir or add ingredients, when to adjust heat on your stove and when the food is ready.

This clever kitchen accessory works on any gas or electric stove and the pan even has an autopilot mode that enables it to adjust the heat by itself.

The app also allows users to type in what their making and how they like it done, for example, a user can say whether they like a steak rare, medium or well done and the Pantelligent will adjust the temperatures to match this request.

Image Credit: ETAC, Lakeland, RNIB, Digital Scales Company, üutensil.

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