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Boom in older motorists

7th August 2017

New data released by the DVLA has shown that there is a boom in the number of older motorists across the UK.

While many older people suffer from mobility problems and need a stair lift at home, others  are still able to drive and with the population growing older it has meant the number of older drivers on the road has increased.

The research, which has been published in an article on the Telegraph, found that there are 248 centenarians with a driving licence in the UK and that the number of over 90s with a valid licence has risen past 100,000 for the first-time ever.

Going into more depth, the study has found that older men are twice as likely to be still behind the wheel than women, with 74,564 men still driving in comparison to 34,213 women.

Speaking in an article on the Daily Express website about the increase in older drivers on the road, Lord Whitty, chairman of the Road Safety Foundation, says, “The number of drivers over 85 will double to one million by 2025. It is vital we prepare for this.”

He also added that older drivers actually contribute to the UK’s economy. He adds, “It supports childcare by grandparents for working parents.”

Motorists over 70 must renew licence every three years

New laws have recently been put in place that see motorists over the age of 70 having to renew their licence every three years and complete a form about their medical conditions and eyesight quality.

A study conducted by Swansea University has found that older drivers are safe drivers with the report showing older people take more care on the road than other age groups and are four times less likely to be involved in an accident than males aged 17 to 21.

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