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Cabbies become medical couriers

23rd May 2017

Many people are concerned by the ever soaring number of hospital admissions, especially considering the strain NHS hospitals are already under.

In an effort to alleviate this pressure, companies are coming up with creative and innovative solutions to reduce the amount of people who feel they need to go to A & E.

One such solution is a collaboration between Gett and Cera. Gett is a black cab app that is free to download and allows users to instantly book transportation, as well as offering hassle free payment and a multitude of other advantages, while Cera is a start-up that hopes to keep people in their homes with the help of their friendly carers. 

Unfortunately many elderly and vulnerable members of society are unable to access the medicine they need, this leads to ongoing medical issues and an increase in hospital stays. To help avoid this Gett is using its taxi drivers in training to drop off the medicine on the way to their many stops around the capital. This is an enormous improvement, especially for those who are housebound or rely on mobility aids such as home stair lifts.

Gett’s ability to courier goods and people around London quickly could prove incomparable and even be expanded beyond zone 1 and 2 where it is currently available. Over half of London’s black cabs are affiliated with Gett, allowing fast responses and quick results. This teamed with Cera’s approach to independent assisted living means everything is available at the touch of a few buttons and could ultimately change the way that people view assisted living and home care.

Though this will not solve the stress that the NHS is currently under, experts believe any effort to alleviate it whether by technology or additional services, should be embraced. 

Image Credit: James Barrett

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