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Call for volunteers to drive elderly transport

28th February 2014

There has been a call for more volunteers for the Hadleigh Community Transport Group to drive their community car. The car is a service available to elderly residents in the Hadleigh area of East Anglia who suffer from mobility difficulty, acting as a vital provision as it helps residents to go shopping, attend medical appointments and carry out other daily tasks.

The community car is able to carry up to five passengers who may otherwise have become isolated to their homes and the Transport Group want to spread awareness of the service that can benefit even more people suffering from impaired mobility. Whereas mobility stair lifts can help with movement in the home, the car service looks to help provide a full lifestyle by offering transport in and around the local area.

The car service has been described as vital to the local community by the group’s manager, Joy Moran, who also stated in this article that, “The service is already well used but we have the capacity to help even more people to avoid isolation and to get out and about to carry out tasks and improve their social lives”.

We need you

In order to gain a further reach within the local area and to help more vulnerable mobility sufferers get out of their riser recliner furniture and into the community, the Transport Group needs more volunteers. With more volunteer drivers, Moran hopes that the group can guarantee transport to those who need it and satisfy the growing demand.

Each volunteer is to be offered full training before taking on the position and will benefit from the sense of fulfilment that comes with the post, as the community car offers local people the opportunity to live their lives to the full where they otherwise might have struggled.

The Hadleigh Community Transport Group extend their offering to running a door-to-door mini-bus service, with full wheelchair access, in addition to an evening and Sunday bus service between the areas of Hadleigh and Ipswich.

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