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Calls for volunteers to help elderly retain independence

21st February 2014

A charity in Derbyshire is calling for volunteers to assist with their work helping elderly residents to keep their independence.

The Royal Voluntary Service already helps numerous elderly people in the Derby area through home visits and taking them to appointments so that they can continue to live relatively independent lifestyles. By providing company and transport, the service looks to fill the gap in care that arises when mobility aids cannot help outside of the home.

In order to carry on running their programmes, the Royal Voluntary Service has said that it needs more volunteers to help where mobility aids and stairlift solutions cannot. As part of their efforts, they have held an open day to encourage more people in the community to sign up to the project. With vacancies in administration, driving, befriending and fund-raising roles, there is still plenty that needs to be done to help older people in the community continue to live fulfilled lives.


The charity already goes a long way towards improving the mobility of older people, as one elderly resident was quick to point out. The charity’s transport service helps the resident attend regular yoga classes and said in this article that, “It's a very personal service rather than just getting a normal taxi. The drivers are so friendly and we all regard them as friends”. By helping elderly residents in the area get out and about, the service allows them to retain their independence and keep a degree of mobility.

Just as products like home rise and recline chairs help with everyday mobility, the Royal Voluntary Service looks to provide an active way of life for Derby’s elderly through helping with transport outside of the home and bringing company to those who live alone. Relying on donations, the service only charges those who use the transport service the money it costs for fuel.

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