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Carers UK calls for raised awareness of care technology

12th September 2013

Carers UK has called for action to occur after a poll demonstrated that the general public has a lack of awareness about technology that can be used in the care environment and help older people remain independent at home. From stair lifts to telecare, technology is becoming a part of healthcare that is developing quickly and can deliver a number of benefits.

As reported in this article from The Homecare Industry Information Service, the poll was carried out by YouGov and was commissioned by Carers UK, with support from Tunstall Healthcare. According to the poll, seven out of ten adults are using modern technological developments when sorting out shopping, banking and communication, yet only three out of 10 adults are turning to advancements in health and care technology. On top of these figures, the lack of awareness of care technology is occurring across all generations, from young adults who could help an older relative purchase a stairlift to older people who would benefit themselves from this technology.

The poll suggests that technology is not one of the first areas that spring to mind when thinking of ways to make a home independent-living-friendly or during the first steps of beginning to care for someone, and only four per cent of respondents said that technology would be one of their top two sources of support.

There are plenty of developments that can be used to improve care at home, from walk in showers and baths and baths to telecare and mobile phones for the elderly. Advancements in technology can help both those providing care and older people who are looking for ways to live independently at home, and Carers UK are calling for action to be taken to raise awareness of the ways in which technology can improve the homecare environment.

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